Thursday, November 21, 2013

MN - Reforming the Sex Offender Treatment Program

Civil Commitment
Video Description:
The Senate Judiciary Committee recently delved into Minnesota's Sex Offender Treatment Program and the constitutionality of the civil commitment process. On this week's program, committee chair Sen. Ron Latz, DFL-St. Louis Park, and senior Republican member Sen. Warren Limmer, R-Maple Grove, offer their perspectives on necessary action in 2014 to avoid the intervention of a federal judge.

Governor Mark Dayton and MnDOT Commission Charlie Zelle recently announced ten transportation projects funded under the new "Corridors of Commerce" program. Sen. Vicki Jensen, DFL-Owatonna, joins Julie Bartkey to explain why she spearheaded the program and future funding needs.

Finally, Minnesota entered its second wolf hunting season, and a group petitioned at the Capitol to cease the opportunity to hunt. Julie highlights their petition and Governor Mark Dayton's response.

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Loneranger said...

Gee a senator that actually stated that sex offenders have a low rate of re-offence. First time I have ever heard one that didn't stand there and lie and say they will always re-offend or they have a extremely high rate. Well the worm has turned or starting to. When they have a federal judge breathing down their neck ready to go in and fix this for them if they don't get busy they start coming up with reasons that might get them off the hook and they can still keep their programs. But first they need to unwind the miss information they gave to get what they wanted in the first place. So given they are repeating that sex offenders really do have a low re-offence rate will they use this to start dismantling the registry? Or at least get more realistic. As the pendulum swings at some point it has to come back. They can't keep propping it up as at some point it will need to start to move naturally.
The other day for the second time I heard DR.Phil state that sex offenders had the lowest re-offence rate of all Criminals. He didn't say it was number two next to murder but might have missed that. But the point is most of these tv personalities like to play the high rate card for the sake of drama. Lately this has not been the case and it makes me wonder what has changed. Generally there is something in the wind when this starts and they are conditioning peoples brains as the more times they hear it from Dr. Phil and the rest of them the more likely they are to repeat it themselves. Well this is how it all got started as the media stated things they had heard and then politicians stated things they had heard and funny thing it got worse every time they repeated it. So maybe these politicians that base law making on the Dr. Phil show will now finally do the right thing. Well as the sex offender laws balloon to the point where the states can not afford to even do them properly as well as the liability they have created passing unconstitutional laws in the first place. Maybe it will just become to great of a liability for the states to keep making laws that mandate this kind of behavior. So time will tell as the truth is slowly coming out and it takes just a few to get the ball rolling so other politicians will not be afraid to do the right thing as they can get away from being soft on sex offenders by relying on the truth. And the truth shall set them free.

Mark said...

Lets see, after about ten (10) years of debate, nothing still has gotten done. Told you all weeks ago! Bureaucrats move in reverse; worrying about image, votes, rejection, no backbone to tell the masses here is the medicine that needs to be taken, more studies, (great taxpayer cost), more debates and what do we have? A stew that never gets mixed, and cooked. Yet another reason why I was compelled to swallow the bitter pill of the legal world.