Monday, November 18, 2013

MD - Sex offender registry provided wrong info

So you are pointing out that the registry had the wrong info but don't seem to care much about a human being being murdered?

The online registry (hit-list) needs to be taken offline and used by police only, so stuff like this doesn't happen, which is a MAJOR problem that the media continues to fail at reporting.... Go figure!

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bkzalley said...

Changing their laws just to keep this man out of living with his family just goes to show you how much they don't want to help him to become a productive citizen. There is just no words to express my disgust.

Kim Marshall said...

Another case where the offender's victim was a close friend of the family or a family member. And yet the caretaker is warning trick or treaters? Why? He isn't a threat to them. Many studies show its not the stranger outside or the sex offender down the street you should worry about. Its the older brother/sister, the babysitter, the close family friend... people will never understand. Smh.

disqus_uoa6Nyfpoq said...

Green Bay, along with many other local governments throughout Wisconsin, have residency laws punishable by fines. Wisconsin is one state that has no statewide residency restrictions, but many local governments enact them and they are continually upheld by the courts when challenged. This guy is skirting around the issue by saying he's homeless. Hopefully he isn't prosecuted for failure to register this home as his address, but I think he might. If you stay at an address for 10 or more consectutive days or 30 total days in a calendar year you must report the address.

Loneranger said...

Wow I guess that lady has nothing better to do but obsess over the registry. The hype that they promoted over a sex offender taking a boy into the woods only leaves a person to wonder why. Frankly there are many reasons a sex offender would be seen with a minor. Even going into a wooded area for that mater. Try it was his son? It might have not been but we assume the worst and in this case we do not know for sure the circumstances of this event. At one point in this story they said this woman will be watching the man she put behind bars. Why is it her job? This is where the registry gets to be a problem. There are people much worse than this lady when it comes to playing vigilante. The fact that this so called system doesn't work all the time is just part of life. If they want to spend several millions patching every computer in the country together with the same programs they could. However there is still one small problem.This is only a record and the ones on this are mobile. At any given moment they can be miles away from the address listed. So to know that one spot in the world where they sleep does nothing to prevent them from committing another crime if they want to.For everyone in the world to have access to information doesn't mean that everyone even looks at it. I went on the one here and checked the map in my town. I saw the names and pictures and their crimes and you know what. I wouldn't know them if i did see them. A person just can not retain an entire data base full of information. then you have the ones like this lady that have made a job out of this but they are few and far between as most people do have a life as it is apparent this lady doesn't. So wrong information and where in the world are these people? Really do we really care anymore? They want to make it look like this is a normal thing to do and everyone should be checking the registry every day. Are you kidding me? Like I said before I looked at it and then a minute later couldn't tell you who they were or even what they did. A person just can not retain that much information. Now if I wanted to hunt down a single person maybe if I knew them for some reason I might recognise them again and remember. But really how often does that happen? Like I said if you know the person and then it opens up the question of what you are going to do with the information after you do find out. Most often it doesn't end well as you spread the news as to what you found out and hey did you know. So the only real people that might use this are landlords and employers and we all know how that is used. The only things that come out of this no matter how they paint the picture are negatives.

I do find these so called news reporters interesting as in Oregon they did the same thing and had not one but two featured articles that said Oregon is two years behind on entering information on the registry making it useless. Hay maybe that lady needs to come here. She would need to hire an entire staff to do what she is there and could be on the news every single day with look what i found. And we rely on this list everyday. Are you kidding me? Really?