Sunday, November 10, 2013

LA - Kinder officials agree to raise sex offender (EXTORTION) fees

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So when are all other ex-felons going to be forced to pay an extortion fee?


By Doris Maricle

KINDER - Officials here agreed Monday to raise the registration fees for sex offenders and child predators living or moving into the town.

An ordinance unanimously adopted by the council increases a one-time initial registration fee from $60 to $400 for newly convicted offenders and those moving into the town. The annual renewal fee will also increase from $60 to $100 for all offenders.

The fees are the same set by the Allen Parish Police Jury last month and similar to recent increases imposed by Lake Charles, Sulphur, Westlake and other municipalities. Reeves is considering adopting a similar fee structure, according to town attorney Michael Holmes.

State law sets the annual fee at $60, but allows municipalities to increase the costs for monitoring, tracking and other services.

The goal of the ordinance is to actually collect enough registration fees and renewal fees to cover the anticipated costs of registering and monitoring these individuals,” Holmes said.
- Why not tax the public?  They are the ones who wanted these draconian laws in the first place, or get the funding from the government!

If the Police Department reports that it is costing more to track and monitor the offenders in the future, the council may consider increasing the fees again, he said.

About 40 registered sex offenders live in Allen Parish. Of those fewer than a dozen live in Kinder.

Under the measure, offenders would face misdemeanor charges and a $500 fine for failure to pay the fee. Additional penalties ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 could also be charged for those providing false information, failing to notify officials of an address change and failing to notify the community of their residence.
- You cannot force someone who is jobless due to your draconian laws to pay an extortion fee, so I guess the ultimate goal is to lock them up forever, which also costs a ton of money?

The state requires sex offenders to register with the Louisiana Sex Offender and Child Predator Registry, update their information more often and provide officials with new details of their whereabouts.

The offenders have three levels of registration periods — 15 years, 25 years and lifetime — depending on the severity of the offense committed.


Priapus said...

It's an ex post facto fine to add a fee. See Doe v. Raemisch, 2012.

Mark said...

So, who cares? These laws of registration, residency restrictions, fee increases, have been going on since the early 30's. And today these laws in Toto are even more oppressive. And nothing has really ever changed (for the better or advantage of crimes of "moral turpitude") - has it?

Mark said...

Yes, the Doe case cited spells it out clearly and it appears there was no overruling in the federal appeals court on the issue of the fees. As a side note, this article does not mention if the registration fee has a "waiver" of fees of one is indigent. If the statute or laws is void of this provision, boy do you have a great claim in state court for equal protection and/or due process!