Saturday, November 16, 2013

IN - Reports of Clark Co. sexual assault made up, police say

Wrongly accused
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The Clark County Sheriff's Office says a teen who said she was pulled into a white van on her walk to school Tuesday made up the story.

Police did not say why the girl made up the story.

Previous Story:
Police in Clark County said they are investigating a report of a teen girl pulled into a van and sexually assaulted on her way to a bus stop Tuesday morning.

Investigators said the incident happened around 7 a.m. in a subdivision near the intersection of Utica-Sellersburg Road and High Meadows Drive.

Police told WHAS11 the suspect is described as a white male, 6'2'', with blond-gray hair and a goatee. They say he may be around the age of 40 and was driving an older-model white van. He was last seen wearing blue jeans and a blue-hooded shirt.

Police said the man jumped from the rear doors of the van and threatened the teen with a gun before assaulting her. He released her and drove off while the teen ran home.

In addition to the suspect description, the girl also recalled some of the license plate.

It's one with the ‘In God We Trust’ with the American flag on it. That’s very distinctive, so we do know at least the van did have an Indiana tag on it,” Capt Racheal Lee, Clark County Sheriff's detective, said.

Neighbors said they saw an unusual white van in the area recently.

I noticed it because it hadn’t been in the neighborhood before. However, there were some neighbors who were moving out and we assumed that they were assisting those neighbors,” Curtis Wells said.

If anyone has any information they are asked to call police at 812-283-4471.


The truth hurts said...

Judy Cornett is a lying sack of s***. He precious son is in prison for home invasion/robbery. Not for drugs.
Also Kevin Kinder went back to prison for 60 years because she had her biker buddies run him out of Tampa down to south Florida. In her own words
He never reoffended they put him back in prison on technical violations of his probation.
She has given he son this sense of entitlement to her felon son. He thinks he can do whatever he want. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
It's a shame that the reporter who wrote that article couldn't even do a simple google search. But hey the truth won't sell papers. They have to keep on putting out there propaganda.

Mark said...

"...and the system that sometimes fails to keep them from re-offending." Why does the world think and believe the "SYSTEM" has failed (and believe the "SYSTEM" can eliminate bad crimes to begin with in the first place?); all the "SYSTEM" does is enact more laws, and laws - it is like a perpetual running machine because someone was murdered by a sex offender? Oh of course, people pray to the state and federal government for their answer to their prayers. And to Ms. Cornett, I think it is time for you to seek some professional help before you explode from the deluge of hate you contain inside of you no matter what your motives are.

Sex Offender Issues said...

People want a scapegoat to blame if something happens to their child instead of themselves, so they ask government to "protect" them.

Eric Knight said...

Typical. A short 2-sentence "False Alarm!" blurb in response to a feature-length "Stranger Abduction" segment, complete with the ubiquitous white van. Geez...

NJ45143112 said...

Based on the article alone, I can see a massive problem on the part of Judy Cornett. After her son was "molested," she went on a major tear and started a crusade which, it seems, became her whole life. Is it any wonder that her son turned to crime? He was neglected! He had pain, he had issues and he needed a mother's love! It isn't hard to imagine that she was so wrapped up in her vendetta that she completely forgot to do the most important thing: support her family!
Maybe she did some good, maybe she didn't...
The fact is that it isn't her job nor her right!

Sex Offender Issues said...

Our thoughts exactly.

nathan rabalais said...

Wow I wouldn't be surprised if she and valigator became bosom buddies because you know she's in with this crazy batch also of idiots as well

Sex Offender Issues said...

You nailed it, they are buddies. Valerie "Valigator" Parkhurst is on the left and Judy Cornett is on the right.

nathan rabalais said...

Damn and that was a wild guess there but I kinda figured with bs like this she would be involved and I wouldn't be surprised if there was a picture of these two a long with that idiot David Rowe

Virginia Hall said...

poor thing clearly has no life. What will she do once the registry is abolished?

Sex Offender Issues said...

I'm sure she'd find someone else to harass.

Jason Sanders said...

How incredibly sad.