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CO - Castration suggested for some students

Katherine Svenson
Katherine Svenson
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As long as they can impregnate a woman, they're not going to go in

A Colorado school-board member is gaining national attention for her cutting-edge comments suggesting transgender students be castrated before they could use school bathrooms that match their gender identity.

According to KREX-TV in Grand Junction, Colo., Delta County School Board member Katherine Svenson made the remarks during an October meeting as she passed out an issue of the Education Reporter.

I would like to pass out something that shows people what is going on in the rest of the country,” Svenson said.

Massachusetts and California have passed laws relating to calling a student, irrespective of his biological gender, letting him perform as the gender he thinks he is, or she is, and I just want to emphasize not in this district. Not until the plumbing is changed. There would have to be castration in order to pass something like that around here.”

When asked if she stood by her comments, Svenson reaffirmed them.

I don’t have a problem if some boys think they are girls. I’m just saying as long as they can impregnate a woman, they’re not going to go in the girls’ locker room,” she said.


Mark said...

". . .who might fall prey to their potential recidivist behavior. . ." This is surprise to me because just about every state and federal court has made the same syllogistic cry from the benches. This is yet another example of the mind-set of the courts in America. I would even venture to guess that if provided with a plethora, deluge, over abundance of evidence to the contrary - that is sex offender recidivism, the courts in my estimation, and from past experience in the legal world, would BALK at the evidence and then go on with tremendous swelling words to dilute what is before them in order to "justify" the law, and their actual lack of testicular courage. A cynic you say? Read Smith v. Doe, 538 US 48 (2003), for a small example. As Justice Kennedy touts his reasons for upholding the sex offender registration using the Alaska legislative intent to uphold the registration scheme to wit: "The legislature found that
“sex offenders pose a high risk of re-offending,” and identified
“protecting the public from sex offenders” as the “primary
governmental interest” of the law" @ 83. Example given, and this example is in virtually all state and federal decisional law. Good luck America.

Eric Knight said...

The problem is that New Jersey typically sentences ALL offenders who have committed sexual crimes to "Parole Supervision for Life" which ensures that registrants are never able to get out of parole conditions; hence will never be able to use the Internet for social networking.

Mark said...

And there you have Mr. Knight putting the frosting upon the cake. Thank you sir for that insight and the straw that breaks the camel's back. Kudos.

Breaker said...

Although I don't think she should have used the word castration. I do agree that if a male wants to act as a female they are more than free to do so however, for a male who is clearly a male to be permitted into a girls restroom or other other places where only women are permitted is not going to happen. Reason being is this can open an massive can of worms, what is keeping the gay or lesbian community from stating " well I have sexual relations with a person of the same sex so why cant I do it also you have to consider the the feelings of the other students. You have to ask them would you be comfortable having a male walk into a restroom filled with females. I can almost say the answer is no. And as for the females who act like males well, males I don't think are really going to care lets face it the average male would not mind seeing a women undress themselves in a males locker room.

getting closer to the street said...

As a report of police work in the town of Trenton , the one stand off with the hostages was interesting . They did'nt know the perp was a registerd offender , for the longest time . Maybe if he was on face book someone may have redirected his anger and the Trenton PD . would not have been called in the first place . That was the case the girl came out the basement window and no one was hurt . Not the right way to get a point across . Sometimes people just have to be heard . Would it be a copy right infrindgement to be on the registry and on facebook . I think face book should be band all together . Anything more you want to tatoo on your life for nsa to come back and haunt you in the future . On facebook you give up all rights of being a free citizen of the U.S. and the world .

Happy Girl- Free at Last said...

Is it possible that your opinion is a bit short-sighted? Ms. Svenson's comments started after a case of a 6 year old transgendered girl (born male) was allowed to use the girls bathroom after being initially denied by school administrators.

There isn't a sudden charge of boys in the girls bathrooms in any state or locality where this is part of the policy. It's not as if a boy suddenly decides to dress as a girl and is allowed in the bathroom. For example, your neighbor's 14 year old son makes a snap decision on a Monday morning that he wants to be a girl and wears women's clothes to school and wants to use the girls bathroom. The school system won't allow that to happen. School systems take the cases of transgendered students very carefully. (i speak from listening to my dad talk in general about the transgendered students in his H.S.) I have never met a transgendered person (male to female or female to male) that felt comfortable in using the bathroom of the sex/gender of their genitals.

More and more transgendered children/teenagers are being diagnosed early on as they grow up, unless they were growing up in some homophobic environment where they got a beatdown for being different.

Transgenderism is about identity, not about sexual preference. A transgendered girl is far more concerned about being accepted as a girl than anything else. The consequences of sending a transgendered girl - in girls clothes - into a male bathroom because they still have male parts will cause a lot of problems. Having a transgendered girl use the teacher's bathroom or a single person bathroom is a problem as well - as it keeps the person in the limelight as someone different. We all know that kids love to harass anyone that is different. Why in the hell would you want to add gasoline to the fire? The point of the policy is to integrate the person, not isolate the person.

Lastly - castration doesn't make a transgendered girl a girl. It's all in the mind. Identity starts between your ears, not between your legs. I love the fact that I don't have those bits down there any more. I now feel normal. Speaking from my own experience and successfully being myself for 7+ years.

Breaker said...

I have typed and deleted so many different comments but all end up having a mean and cruel tone to it so, I am just going to say this. If you " a male" wants to act a like a female like wearing little dresses and panties and I hope to god no but, a bra, and you are looking to change the way people think then you best be ready to accept the fact that this not going to end well.

Happy Girl - Free at Last said...

Wow. Let's turn things personal? I will say that since the age of 4 I felt I was born in the wrong body. It's not about wearing dresses and panties as you say it. Feeling born in the wrong body has caused me a lot of issues, I finally had the courage to do something about it. If you think I look like a guy in a dress - you are wrong (and I am very happy that I don't look like a guy in a dress). Act like a female? It's not acting. It's what's between my ears. I never felt like a boy - even at 4. It's hard to explain because it is about what goes on in my head. I had to "act" like a male so I wouldn't get beat up in school for years. It didn't end well when kids saw through the acting as a male. At least now, I'm not acting - I am just being "me". Do me a favor - think back to when you were 4 - and what you wanted to do... play Cowboys & Indians, sports, football, stuff like that. I did it because I had to - not because I wanted to do those things. It is that drastic - so drastic that I've spent close to $30k to have surgery, take hormones, laser hair removal, and lots of therapy.