Saturday, November 9, 2013

CA - Parents warned about sexting epidemic at schools

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By Jaime Chambers

SAN DIEGO - Scores of parents gathered at Cathedral Catholic Thursday to learn more about the sexting epidemic police say is sweeping through the schools in San Diego.

San Diego police told those at the meeting that students are using smartphones to take and exchange nude photos of classmates.They urged parents to talk with their children about the lasting damage to their reputations that sharing the illegal photos could cause.

This is an awkward conversation to have with your kid, I know that, but it’s a conversation that needs to happen,” said SDPD Officer Jordan Wells.

Cathedral Catholic is one of seven schools where students are currently being investigated sexting.

Thirty students are facing charges of possessing child pornography and police said arrests could happen at anytime.

Police said if parents see a cell phone app called “PhotoVault” this could be a red flag that the teen has illicit pictures on their phone.

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