Monday, November 11, 2013

AZ - Mental health registry a step in the right direction

Mental health will drive you mad!Original Article

Like we've said many times, eventually everybody will be on an online sinners registry! Bang your head, Mental Health will drive you mad!


It seems almost inevitable that whenever there has been a mass shooting or other public emergency, the person involved in it is found to have been dealing with mental issues that were either ignored or not reported properly.
- Of course, it's not rocket science.  You'd have to be crazy to do something like that!

There has been much discussion of this weakness in our social system and what to do about it, but there seldom seems to be an effective public response to the problem.

We are pleased to see Arizona may soon be an exception to that lack of response.

It was recently reported by Arizona Capitol Times that there is an effort underway to establish a Mental Health Registry in our state that could have positive consequences, including alerting law enforcement officers to persons they encounter who are under court supervision or found mentally incompetent by a court.

It would also help better identify those with mental conditions who are prohibited from buying or possessing firearms and ensure they are included in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which is checked when people buy firearms.

Currently, only a small percentage of those who are mentally ill are actually put into the system in our state due to reporting failures, according to the Capitol Times report. The new registry is intended to greatly increase inclusion of those who should be in the system.
- So when are we going to have an online registry of corrupt politicians?

It is supported by the State Bar of Arizona and the state’s Criminal Justice Commission. The database would be created and managed by the Arizona Supreme Court, but first would require approval from the commission which is scheduled to meet in mid-November.

Plans for the registry are currently being drawn up, and mental health advocates are rightly insisting that protections be included for those who are mentally ill and who are successfully treated so they are removed from the reporting system when they should no longer be there.

The creation of the Mental Health Registry and improved reporting could be very positive steps. The fact that the Arizona Supreme Court would be overseeing it also gives us confidence it would include proper protections. We hope it is implemented quickly.


Priapus said...

California already has a registry like this that does a check when buying guns, and a child abuse registry, and a arson registry and a drug offender registry. They just aren't online.

Priapus said...

Forgot, and a gang registry.

Mark said...

"- So when are we going to have an online registry of corrupt politicians?" This list if enacted, would be too long to publish on line!

Loneranger said...

I have a feeling this will not be for the general public like the sex offender registry is at first. I would think as this is a medical condition the information should be federally protected to a point. The idea of keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill isn't a bad idea, I can think of several that shouldn't have them and that includes some of the police. I do have a few questions though. Would they need to go in every year and register until they can prove they are not mentally ill? Will they be banned from parks and schools? Will they be unhirable? Will they be banned from certain areas in a given town? Denied housing as they may become unstable and a threat? We always have unintended consequences when a perceived liability exists. They always say it is only regulatory and not to be used to discriminate. Sure and I have a slightly used bridge I want to sell you if you have time to listen.

And what circumstances would invoke this? Will they include people with a history of drug and alcohol abuse as they can be mentally unstable. How about anyone that was abused at sometime in their life as they could become unstable. remember this is someone with what could be considered a mental condition and that could be for any reason. So how far could the federal government take this once they have a foot in the door? Oh that's right they already do. Those darn precedence setting laws that people turned their heads and passed. Well if they get this past the supreme court and i have a hard time believing they won't. It should be interesting as to the unintended consequences this might generate. Things like this have a way of growing as they rip the lid off Pandora's box again.
Am I in favor of this? Well you need to look at this as we are one precedent setting Supreme Court decision away from taking down all these lists. Maybe this will be the straw that breaks this camel's back.

Sex Offender Issues said...

I agree. Wouldn't this fit under HIPPA laws?

loneranger said...

IMO it would. Funny thing though as sex offenders are seen as having a mental condition that causes them to offend. If not they wouldn;t make them go to counseling. so one would think that and all the information attached to having a mental condition as in the registry should be protected information. However as of yet they will not admit this is a mental issue as then how could they prosecute.