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ARUBA - Fighting Father Puts Song On The Market

Othmar Matos
Othmar Matos
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ORANJESTAD - It's over... After having fought against a false accusation of child abuse for almost two years , there is now a court ruling.

On June 17, 2013 the Public Prosecutor indicated that they were not going to prosecute Othmar Matos. Although Matos didn’t have to appear in person there is judicial decision. The Court of Justice (Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire) on September 9, 2013 made a statement after Matos’ ex-wife lodged an appeal against the decision of the Public Prosecutor. The Court had a short, but very clear answer : “We ... reject the complaint (and thus also the indictment)." So Matos was fully acquitted and discharged from any further prosecution. His next step is waiting to being reunited with his daughter.

"I have never approached my daughter in any inappropriate way." Those are the words of Othmar Matos, founder of the foundation "STOP Keho Falso". And with that fact, “I will fight hard against any accusation of any person or agency." That is why Othmar Matos comes with a song. It was written by Matos and sung by Ofo (formerly Tsunami singer). With this song Matos tries to get attention for a social problem on Aruba and branding his foundation. Today, November 26 the 2nd major phase of the campaign starts with the song "Respecta nos Yiu". The song is based on the terrible experience of Matos.

Many parents who are in the same situation will recognize it, and will be comforted by the song, or dance on it, even though they may not like “Zouk”. The foundation has an email address: StopkehoFalso@gmail.com and now an official number. +297,600 26 04 which appropriately refers to the date of April 26, the day of the awareness of false accusations, which still happen too much.

The consequences are that the judiciary, the executive and the controlling power experience too much work load. This reduces the time for them to explore the real cases of sexual abuse and sexual assault.

Making a false declaration is not only criminal but costs Aruba a lot of money. Therefore, says the foundation "stop Keho Falso" the one who presses charges and the person who supports this accusation must be punished and pay the cost. Civil servants and especially those who have an educational function, such as teachers, should be disbarred, not only in Aruba but for every pedagogical work within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Pedagogical training schools (such as IPA), should be able to refuse students who once made a false accusation. Our society needs to send a clear signal. We do not accept a false accusation. The case of Matos could create a precedent. Hopefully CBS quickly figures out the costs of a false declaration. The costs in the case of Matos can then serve as a basis for the financial penalty.

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