Friday, November 8, 2013

AR - Cop (Brandon Carter) Chased and Tased Woman After She Refused to Show Him Her Breasts

Police officer with taser
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By Erik de la Gaza

LITTLE ROCK (CN) - A city cop in Arkansas chased a woman through her workplace, shooting a Taser at her, because she refused to show him her breasts, the woman claims in court.

Ashlea Bennett sued the City of Haskell, Ark. and its police Officer Brandon Carter, in Federal Court.

She claims Carter "demanded that she expose her breasts to him" after he entered her workplace while on duty and wearing his uniform.

"Carter's demands to the Plaintiff to expose herself to him occurred multiple times," she says in the lawsuit.

It continues: "That the Plaintiff refused to show her breasts to Carter."

"That, upon her refusal, Carter drew his City of Haskell-issued electroshock Taser weapon from his utility belt, pointed the weapon at plaintiff, and threatened to deploy the same against her if she would not expose her breasts to him."

"That, upon seeing the threat of unlawful force, the plaintiff took physical flight and ran from Carter."

Officer Carter then "proceeded to physically chase the plaintiff through her place of employment," the complaint states.

It continues: "That, while chasing the plaintiff, Carter activated and deployed his electroshock Taser weapon in 'drive stun' mode numerous times at or directed at the plaintiff. That Carter did these actions with the intention of causing fear, imminent fear of bodily harm, and/or emotional distress to gain the plaintiff's compliance with his sexual demands."

Bennett claims that before this Dec. 13, 2011 incident, Carter had made "inappropriate sexual comments" to her on multiple occasions "and demanded that she expose herself to him."

She claims that before Carter chased her around her office, "the City of Haskell was aware, or should have been aware, of complaints made about or issues concerning Carter's conduct, including, but not limited to, his inappropriate sexual actions occurring under color of law."

Haskell, pop. 3,990, is about 30 miles south of Little Rock in Saline County.

Bennett seeks compensatory and punitive damages for constitutional and civil rights violations, assault, failure to train and supervise, negligent supervision and outrage.

She is represented by Clinton W. Lancaster of Benton, Ark.


Lneranger said...

Politicians will say whatever they can to get reelected. If he truly believes what he is saying is always a question. However the fact that sex offender laws are not showing any real measurable positive results can be proven. IMO the fact that they can not show any is the reason for the so called closing of so many perceived loopholes in the past. None fixed any perceived problems and gave them the much needed measurable results to justify all the expense. So has the pendulum started to swing in the opposite direction? We can only hope. the fact that these laws do little more then occupy the police and courts and prisons gathering ones that have some sort of registration violation at a ever growing expense to city and state governments. the goal to somehow capture federal dollars that we have none of. One would think they might want to rethink this program from the ground up. So yes politicians jump on and ride the pendulum again. Really you will do more good than you did the first time around. Just think of what could be accomplished. People would be able to go on with their lives. they would be able to get jobs and pay taxes. The amount being paid out in welfare would go down. the total cost to states would go down as well.Less court costs and prison costs as well as the money could go to fund police in their work to stop other crimes. When you look at the entire picture the damage they have caused is much more expensive then they realize.
Privately operated prisons that have a guarantee of 90 percent occupancy coupled with mandatory sentencing to fill them. Has created a system that is more of a business then any form of corrections and rehabilitation. To end this they need to go back to state operated prisons that are there not to be filled as much as to punish and then rehabilitate. When you have goals set as in the number of prisoners to fill the required number of beds you have a system that can not be fair. Can not rehabilitate as the damage that is done by over sentencing can not be repaired for many. there needs to be a balance. Right now all we have is gather up the prisoners and make sure the contract is fulfilled.Given the original contracts were for some ten years it might take some time to unwind this problem. As we close down prisons and rotate the ones into the private ones we will at some point be able to end this program and get back to managing this in a more responsible manner. However they need to end private prisons. They need to end the registry for 90 percent. They need to stop all the insanity and get back to a more civil less expensive and fair process.

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