Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What Can I Say to Victims of Sex Abuse?

This is a good video for some but it's more generalization. Not all those who wear the "sex offender" label abused their "victim!" Some were willing participants. We are not trying to "blame the victim" or downplay the abuse here, we are just pointing out the facts. Some were consensual relationships by juveniles who are now being punished for doing what children do, love each other and have sexual relations.

Video Description:
In this short video Dr. Pennie Farrell of the Sex Offender Information Station, answers the question, "What can I say to a victim of sex abuse?" Her surprisingly simple answer contains the hope of healing for any victim who can hear the strength and power behind her words. Any victim of any abuse should see this important video.

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Mark said...

It really is amazing. Let us look at this fact. There are about 6 billion souls on this planet - my conclusion - "everybody is doing it." Maybe not the way society thinks it should be done because many who think it should be done a certain way is, in all probability doing it in their own little "private" way. It appears that society has been so conditioned today, that everyone is a "pervert," has a "paraphilia," is dangerous, a mental abnormality, a predator ad nausea. I think it is the old axiom: "they cannot see the forest through the trees."