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VA - Sex offender clusters impacting neighborhoods

Sex offender clusters
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The state has created this mess. Where someone lives has no impact on if or when they will re-offend. Most ex-sex offenders do not commit another sexual crime. And the residency restrictions are what creates these clusters. So if you don't like them, then you need to contact congress to eliminate the residency restrictions and then offenders can live where they want, not in your neighborhood.


By Scott Wise

FARMVILLE (WTVR) - If you live near four or more registered sex offenders, you will have a more difficult time selling your home. In a published study, researchers at Longwood University found homes that sat within a quarter-mile of a “sex offender cluster” were on the market as much as 147 percent longer than other homes.

The longer a home stays on the market, the more pressure it puts on homeowners to drop the asking price.

We wanted to know if sex offenders cluster and if that has an effect on home prices,” Dr. Ray Brastow, professor of economics, said. “The answer to both questions is yes.”

Dr. Ray Brastow and his colleagues used data from nearly 20,000 Virginia real listings between 1999 and 2009. The researchers said they focused the study on the Lynchburg area.

Their findings attributed the clustering of sex offenders to several factors:
  • Lower home prices. Lower prices draw more potential buyers, especially buyers less concerned about living near a sex offender — namely – other registered sex offenders, the study found.
  • Development choices. Some neighborhoods have made choices that would prevent sex offenders from moving in.

We know this is something that people talk about,” Brastow said. “There are certain places that sex offenders can’t live—near schools, daycare centers and parks, for example. Because of this, some neighborhoods are creating small parks, called ‘pocket parks,’ or fighting school closings.”

Living near (one-fourth of a mile) one, two or three registered sex offenders, researchers found, can impact home prices as those homes stay on the market nearly two months longer than the average house.

However, with four sex offenders, the situation changes dramatically,” Dr. Bennie Waller, professor of finance and real estate, said. “Here we find the ‘tipping’ point, the number at which people get panicky and a neighborhood takes an economic turn for the worse.”

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Loneranger said...

They are never happy. they make laws to publish any and all information so people can feel safe. that was not good enough so they made restrictions on where they could live. Still not good enough. so then make restrictions on where they can go. Still not good enough. Now they can live here and maybe in this area and that is still not good enough as hey our property values go down because everyone knows these people live here, Ok now what? Someone once said to be careful what you pray for.