Monday, October 7, 2013

TX - Sex offender registration (User story)

The following was sent to us via the contact form and posted with the users permission.

By SL:
My son is a convicted sex offender. He is serving 8 years and one month in Federal prison in Big Spring, TX. He is now 40 years old, and has been locked up for 2 years already. His "crime" was downloading a video that had an attachment and he opened it - child pornography was on it. He sent an email to the local FBI office telling them what he found and got arrested for possession of child pornography. We hired the only private attorney we could afford as he is a disabled veteran and I am also disabled. My son was living with me at this time.

The attorney we hired never one time objected to anything the Federal prosecutor said, regarding evidence or anything else and we still ended up paying him.

My son has an honorable discharge from the Marines, has NEVER been in trouble with the law - not even a traffic ticket in over 20 years. He got the "mandatory" sentence even though he had a clean record. He will now have to register as a sex offender and child predator even though he never knew any of the people in this video nor had any contact with the people who put this attachment on the video. He did not buy, sell, produce, trade or show this video to anyone.

My question is this: Why do people like my son need to register as a "dangerous predator" when people who have been convicted of MURDER and are on parole do not have to register???? Are murderers less "dangerous?"

My son will not be allowed to go anywhere there are children so basically when he is paroled he will not be allowed to go anywhere or even participate in family events. I live in an apartment and I will have to move in order to provide a home for my son. I will have to be very careful to find a place that is away from children - where in the world is that??? My son will not be allowed to go to a library, theater, park, beach, etc. So how is he suppose to find a job? How is he suppose to "re-enter" society? I will also be subjected to anything or anyone that threatens my son. I'm not sure, but I also believe the parole agents will tell me I cannot have a computer in the home if my son lives with me. So this also infringes on my rights as well as my son's.
- Are you sure he cannot go anywhere children are present or loiter?  Loiter is being somewhere without a purpose, but if he is going to the grocery story for food, or some other place with a purpose, then he is not loitering.

He will basically still be in prison, just inside our home as even a trip to the grocery store will bring him into contact with children. Shopping for clothes - same thing and the list goes on and on.

Is it any wonder many on parole cut off their GPS monitors and simply disappear into the woodwork? They live in homeless camps, under overpasses, bridges, etc. and the authorities lose track of them as do their families. How is this even constitutional?

The "Justice" system is a joke. I see posters all over the Federal courthouse stating "If You See Something, Say Something" and that is an even bigger joke and not a funny one at that. My son saw something and said something and he is now paying the price with his name, reputation and entire future.


rebecca creech said...

I totally feel you. I am going through the exact same thing. My heart goes out to you. I have cried until i can't. everything sounds just like a repeat for me. hugs

Mark said...

My question is this: Why do people like my son need to register as a "dangerous predator" when people who have been convicted of MURDER and are on parole do not have to register???? Are murderers less "dangerous?" Your answer: the sex offender registries nationwide including the federal statutes, incorporate a "CONCLUSIVE PRESUMPTION" that is built into the registries languages - that if a person is caught with child pornography, or commits an offense against a child or an adult, it is conclusively presumed that that person will eventually re-offend once again. This is especially so if the crime involves minors. And now courts are stating that even if you look at child pornography in any form, you have "victimized" that child in spite of that fact their images are on paper or film. This the thrust of these laws, an irrebuttable presumption that ALL, each and every offender is incurable and will offend again and again. You are up against a giant, a huge mind-set that sexual offenders are scum, And the police, FBI, sheriffs, prosecutors all display this wonderful attribute of humanity towards offenders in the criminal justice system nationwide. You Ms. S.L.picked a lawyer that is stupid, inexperienced, and was probably told to keep his mouth shut in court. This I will attest to, and guarantee.