Tuesday, October 8, 2013

TX - Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers

Rodney Mathers
Rodney Mathers
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It sucks being a sex-offender. For most of us it was a stupid, illogical decision that not only created a "victim" ( regardless of the circumstances), but also has cost us family, careers, and our freedom.

As if that wasn't enough, there are the judgmental masses who have been unknowingly force fed stereo typed and skewed thinking by the sensationalizing media. Not all sex offenders re-offend. In fact, most don't. Not all men and women that have a sexual encounter with a minor are full blown pedophiles. There are in fact degrees.

I tried to contact someone from my past recently. Her response was that it made her "feel uncomfortable". What an uninformed, judgmental moron! Here in Houston we have the king of judgemental idiots-Andy Kahn. Kahn was so sure that he was right...about everything, that he thought it would be O.K. to lie at an offenders parole hearing. He is now under investigation by the Houston Police Department. We all know that nothing will happen to that vigilante.

Chin up and chest out, we do everything in our power to move forward despite people like the ones listed above. In fact, we have two long term mantras. 1- Never create another victim. 2- Try to do something in our lives that shows we can contribute in a positive way to society.

My guest this week is Dr. Michael Barta. Dr. Barta is the founder of the Sex Offender Treatment Program in the State of Colorado. Listen in as we discuss sexual addictions on this week's show.

Remember, if God is for you, who can be against you?

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