Wednesday, October 30, 2013

TN - 'Operation Blackout' to protect children from sex offenders

Halloween sex offender hysteria
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They make it sound like this affects all ex-sex offenders, but we are willing to bet that this affects only those on probation / parole only.


By Lauren Squires

MEMPHIS - This Halloween, thousands of children will take the streets and their safety is key. If the Tennessee Department of Corrections has anything to do with it, sex offenders will not be anywhere near them.

No candy, costumes, decorations, or front porch lights are only a few of the rules given to sex offenders on Halloween for Operation Blackout.

Safety is always top of mind for parents this time of year.

"All our children should be kept safe, not just mine, but everybody's," stated mother Adrinne Akpan.

This is why hundreds of families flocked to trunk or treat at the Highland Church of Christ Sunday night.

"This is so much easier and more fun. We're members here at Highland Church of Christ and we love coming to trunk or treat," stated mother Anna Fagala.

Fagala and her family, dressed as three little pigs and the big bad wolf, are making events like the one at Highland Church of Christ the new norm.

"I think that, over the years, trick or treating in neighborhoods has kind of gone by the wayside because of safety issues," explained Fagala.

But, this 2013 year, law enforcement is taking notice and cracking down on sex offenders. The department of correction is teaming up with other agencies and the US Marshals to keep your kids safe.
- Not really, it's just the yearly mass hysteria and PR campaign so the police can come out and pretend they are actually doing something, but, not a single child has ever been harmed by a known or unknown sexual offender on this night!  It's fear-mongering and panic based on emotions and not facts.  The fact is that kids are more likely to be hit by a car than anything else.

"Well, we might go trick or treating after all. We've never done it before," said Akpan.

Law enforcement officials will make random visits to make sure sex offenders are following strict guidelines. They include the following:
  • Remain inside home between hours of 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
  • Leave porch lights off on Halloween night
  • Do not open doors for trick-or-treaters
  • Only open doors for law enforcement officers (If you are not on probation / parole, then you don't have to open your door to anybody!)
  • Do not display fall decorations, wear costumes, or dress in disguises

"Maybe foster a new time of people to maybe go trick or treating in their neighborhoods again. (It) was always fun when I was a kid," exclaimed Fagala.

Many residents are hoping extra enforcement will be the trick to making this holiday a treat.

The Department of Correction is warning sex offenders, if any of these rules are violated, they could face more charges.

However, TDOC officials are asking for your help as well. If you see anything suspicious, report it immediately.


Mark said...

The short version of this police action is called: GRANDSTANDING because it accomplishes squat, zero, na-da, but the community wipes their respective brows and says "our police department is at work!" "Good for them."

Eric Knight said...

You mean they actually have a promotional skit depicting sex offenders in jail cages?? This is SICK!!

Sex Offender Issues said...

It just says prisoners and doesn't say anything about them being sex offenders.

nathan rabalais said...

eric actually by them doing this there also making a mockery of them selves because one day those same officers will end up on the list and in prison for doing the same thing it's just a matter of time

Eric Knight said...

OK, I see now. I was just referencing the initial video scene before I played it. Juxtaposed with the theme of the article, it would appear that the prisoners in the cage were sex offenders who shouldn't be trusted.

dc said...

This all stems from last year when a RSO had a Halloween party and something happened (not sure what but something) so this year the BOPP came out in full force to do nothing.......Not only did all RSO on probation or parole have a curfew tonight but from the dates of 10/24 until 11/4 6:00pm til 6:00am.....woooooooooooooooo...hooooooooooooooooooooo

getting closer to the street said...

Over , One hundred and thirty million dollars in holloween costumes 2013 . A record , and that was just for costumes for pets . Now how much did law inforcement get payed for there efforts , national reports are not quite clear yet . But the stock exchange is , a boost to the economy makes everybody happy for the days leeding up to Oct. 31st . How did the insurance companies do ? STOP TRESPASSING on holloween . Bring it up with your local legislation leaders . Keep it happy and stay off private property . STOP THE DOOR TO DOOR TRADITION . It will reduce vandalism , reduce police over time , slip and falls and up and comming lawsuits . And worshiping the dead seems morbid but as we see pays very well . More than worshiping the living , or even respecting those that served there time , trying to move on with there lives . This comment should really scare you , or wake you up .