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NY - Saffran pledges bill to bar sex offenders - Exploiting children, fear and ex-offenders for votes?

Dennis Saffran exploiting children, fear and ex-offenders for votes?
Dennis Saffran
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As usual, when you are running for a political office, just break out the children, fear and ex-offenders to get votes by the sheeple for your own election campaign! New York already has these types of laws, but that doesn't stop politicians from exploiting the issue and the ignorance of the people to get elected!


By Phil Corso

Republican City Council candidate Dennis Saffran visited a playground in Whitestone to promise northeast Queens voters he would fight to keep registered sex offenders away from places populated with kids if elected in November.

Calling on a similar Nassau County appellate court decision he won as an attorney in September, the GOP-backed Saffran pledged he would draft legislation in the Council to bar sex offenders from living near schools, playgrounds or their victims. The Douglaston native pointed out the residences of 22 registered offenders living near such spots in his northeast Queens 19th District and outlined his plan to mirror what he helped achieve in the borough’s neighboring county.

Standing at the Willets Point Playground on 166th Street, Saffran singled out several registered offenders living near parks and schools throughout the district, pointing to the home of one such offender one block from the playground.
- So even politicians are using the online hit-list for their own agenda!  This is another reason why the hit-list should be taken offline and used by police only, then politicians would have to come up with another scapegoat to exploit.

It is unacceptable that parents in northeast Queens have to send their children to schools and playgrounds within walking distance of convicted child rapists and sexual predators,” Saffran said. “One of my first actions as councilman will be to introduce a bill like the one the court just upheld.”

Early last month, Saffran argued and won on behalf of Nassau County a ruling against a court decision to strike down the county’s sex offender residency restriction law, he said. The case involved designated sex offender _____, who served 22 months in prison on a child pornography conviction and was later charged with violating Nassau law by living within 500 feet of two pre-K-to-12 schools, including one for children with special needs, Saffran said.

The Nassau County lower court dropped the charges on the grounds that county law was pre-empted by state law, Saffran said, but an appeals court later reinstated the charges.

The decision is a tremendous victory for the community,” said Laura Ahearn, of Parents for Megan’s Law. “The message is loud and clear — the protection of children is a top priority.”
- Laura is nothing more than a vigilante, in our opinion, and she has created fake profiles on Facebook to target people, and this organization is also in charge of sex offender compliance checks in New York, which is a conflict of interest.

The victory implemented a similar law to those of other municipalities throughout the state, in which registered sex offenders must file with a state registry under Megan’s Law, barring them from living within 1,000 feet of schools, 500 feet of a park, or 2,000 feet from their victims.

This decision is a victory for parents across the state, allowing communities to pass laws that place the safety of children above the rights of dangerous predators,” Saffran said. “It is unacceptable that New York City has not passed such legislation providing our children with the same protection as the children in Nassau County and over 100 other localities around the state.”

Saffran was the lone Republican to step up in the race to replace outgoing City Councilman Dan Halloran (R-Whitestone), whose seat will be decided in the November general election against Democratic nominee Paul Vallone. The 19th District oversees neighborhoods including Auburndale, Bayside, College Point, Douglaston, Flushing and parts of Little Neck.

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AngelWolf said...

I don't think any of these bozos fully realize the increased danger they are causing by making it nearly impossible for an offender to live a semi-normal life. In my experience, sexual offenses occur due to something being seriously out of whack in the offender's life. Most have severe mental illness that went untreated all their lives, and it manifests when something pushes them over the edge. By taking away their hope, society is putting them into severe depression, which just makes the underlying mental illness worse. Combine suicidal depression with anger towards society and you might just have yourselves the next school shooter. Understanding and fixing the mental illness that causes offensive behavior is the real key to keeping kids safe.