Friday, October 4, 2013

NV - Former Officer's (John Norman) Early Release from Jail Upsets Victims (He's a cop, what do you expect?)

John Norman
John Norman
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By Nathan Baca

LAS VEGAS - A former Metro Police officer called "a sexual predator with a badge" by a Las Vegas judge is back home just months into his two year jail sentence. Former officer John Norman's early release has two of his victims furious at the justice system.

Metro Police tell the I-Team John Norman's good behavior in jail led to an early release, but in Judge Abbi Silver's words, Norman is "a disgrace" and a "sexual predator."

Two women came forward to describe how Norman forced them to expose and let him touch their breasts during traffic stops. With Norman already home, those women are wondering if justice played favorites for a former police officer.

Former Metro Police officer John Norman is at his Las Vegas home even though he was sentenced to two years in jail in January. That's because two women came forward to tell their stories of what officer Norman did to them during traffic stops.

"He made me lift it up and expose myself totally nude and he took his bare hand and felt my chest. After that, he said, I can cover myself up and I'm not going to give you a ticket because you were so cooperative," said Victoria Murname.

Another woman, Rebecca Portillo, gives her account of Norman's traffic stop and what he said to her.

"'I'm going to need you to shake your bra out this time really good.' So, I shook it out really good, as good as I could. He says, 'What? bashful today, are we?' What I did was I pulled the top of my tank top down and I flipped the outside of the top of my bra out where I exposed my full breast," Portillo said. "He looked down at it, he didn't touch it or anything. He says, 'ok, you're free to go.'"

But a judge decided Norman would not be free to go and sentenced the officer to two years in Clark County Detention Center. Judge Silver called Norman "a sexual predator with a badge" during sentencing.

Norman is still listed as "in custody" on the jail's website, but the I-Team found him at home. The former police officer -- a newly registered sex offender -- is now living with his family. It shocked the victim's attorneys when they found out in August.

"In this instance, it doesn't seem like there was any effort to make the victims aware of Mr. Norman's release," Portillo's attorney William Horne said.

"I was so furious. I couldn't think, I couldn't talk - I just felt it was all for nothing," Murname said.

"I can't even cry because I'm more furious than I am about anything else," Portillo said.

The I-Team offered to interview Norman.

"We appreciate that opportunity. Let me get back with you," Norman said.

He never did respond back to the I-Team.

Clark county courts report that no judge signed off on Norman's early release from jail. The I-Team has also reached out to Metro Police to explain why Norman was released from the jail early.

Norman requested an application for house arrest. Metro Police say that because of his lack of previous criminal history, and his good behavior in jail, that house arrest application was approved.

Norman currently has to wear an ankle bracelet and check in once a month.

Metro Police deny the former police officer received any special treatment for early release. A police spokesman added Norman was released in March, just two months into his two year sentence. They said early releases help relieve jail overcrowding.

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