Tuesday, October 22, 2013

MO - Juvenile sex offenders say the crime doesn't fit the time

Juvenile sex offenders
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SPRINGFIELD - "My face is blacked out because I am ashamed for everyone to know what I am," says Convicted Sex offender _____.
- But leave it up to the news media to splash your name all over the article!

Missouri considers _____ a sex offender, after one decision he made 15 years ago with a 14 year old girl when he was living in Washington.

"One thing led to another and we ended up having consensual sex," he says.

That's considered to be a crime in Washington. _____ served time in juvenile hall for the crime, even though the sex was consensual.

"It wasn't rape, wasn't child molestation. It wasn't anything with a baby, it wasn't a violent crime and yet I am still paying."

_____ has tried to move on with his life, he even joined the army. But, his past still haunts him.

"Even with my military record and my degrees in school, I am still overlooked and passed. It sucks," he says.

"There's a whole coax of people who are accused, plead guilty that didn't have that mindset that don't have that same mental makeup as some of the people who are on the list," says Attorney Adam Wood.

Wood says the problem is with how the registry is run, separating the consensual crimes from those that were not.

"The list is all encompassing list and it doesn't differential between those two types of people and that's a big issue," he says.

It's an issue that _____ deals with every day of his life.

"If you're going to judge me on something that happened 15 years ago for the person I am today, then shame on you. Shame on you," says _____.

There was a push a few months ago for a bill that would allow people 18 and under to no longer appear on the registry. But, it did not get passed.

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