Wednesday, October 23, 2013

MN - Patty Wetterling: 'Miracles can happen'

Jacob Wetterling
Jacob Wetterling
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Our hearts go out to Patty and we hope the person(s) responsible for his kidnapping will come forward and tell Patty where her son is.


By Shelby Capacio and Paul Blume

ST. JOSEPH (KMSP) - The past 24 years have been filled with heartache and uncertainty for Patty Wetterling because she still doesn't know what happened to her son Jacob (Wikipedia) on Oct. 22, 1989.

"I remember so much and then it blurs," Wetterling told Fox 9 News. "I was probably technically in shock."

Jacob was 11 years old, riding his bike with a brother and a friend to his St. Joseph home when he was snatched at gunpoint, never to be seen again.

"We will never stop in our search for Jacob," his mother vowed. "We believe the possibility that he is still out there."

To this day, the case remains open -- and to this day, the Wetterlings flick on their porch light as a symbol of their hope that he will be found.

"One day, I want to look him in the eye and say, 'I never gave up,'" Wetterling said.

Knowing just how disrupting the disappearance of a child can be, Wetterling has used her experience to try to keep other families from having to endure a similar struggle.

"Our lives changed in every aspect," she said. "There is nothing that is the same."

Now, she is the chair of the board for the national Center for Missing and Exploited Children. In that capacity, she follows high-profile cases of missing children who surface and are returned to their loved ones years later -- including the case of three women released from captivity in Cleveland in May. Currently, she's keeping her eye on the little girl named Maria who was believed to be kidnapped and was found living in a gypsy community in Greece.

"They do give me great hope," Wetterling said of the finds.

Even after 24 years, Wetterling said she believes miracles can happen. In light of that, she is asking her neighbors, friends and other Minnesotans to turn on their porch lights on Tuesday night to remember Jacob and let the good in the world shine.

"There really are more good people who care about one another than bad," Wetterling insisted. "If good people pull together, it's amazing what can happen."

The Wetterlings spend the anniversary of the abduction together as a large family, and their outdoor lights will be on this evening. As is her tradition, Wetterling also baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies and delivered them to the Stearns County Sheriff's Office.


Mark said...

You know, I do not want to appear to be as cold as a dead fish, but Jacob was abducted right? So how does anyone really know for sure it was for sexual purposes? And with that, we had, and they still use the JACOB WETTERLING ACT today to justify registration. What a very long "leap of logic" for John Walsh and his crew along with CONGRESS to make the decision it was sexually motivated. And there is absolutely no evidence of a sexual assault except for the abduction. What an excellent reason for the government to create, and manufacture and agenda. I will not say anymore.

Sex Offender Issues said...

You are correct, there is NO EVIDENCE that Adam Walsh or Jacob Wetterling were sexually abducted, it's just everybody's personal opinion that is not based on facts, like most everything else passed in congress these days.

Mark said...

My apologies Sex Offender Issues, I completely overlooked the Adam Walsh case. It is everybody's personal opinion because that is the way they want it. Mob rule comes in many forms my friends! It does not necessarily mean pitch forks, tar and feathers and stringing someone up to a tree to hang. In America, it is meetings, congressional hearings, "group-think," and of course when a particular group comes together for a cause, the fear of rejection plays a dominate role in the group think.

Mystif said...

The mob mentality always caters to the least intelligent member.

Hold a peaceful demonstration and one person throws a rock - what happens next?

One person claims that the Walsh and Wetterling cases were sexually motivated and who would dare disagree?