Friday, October 4, 2013

Kat's Story: The Beginning

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S.H. said...

Kat, we all have to go through something like you have (if you are lucky enough to still have a dad around) and I think you have been there for him and you need to take a deep breath! Just remember you aren't the other one who's Dad has been accused of something he didn't do (look up R.D.Hubbard traffics girls across state lines to illinois...) Dad was drunk and invited all the girls from the track to fly to his meeting with the governour and, well, it was all all over the front page news! Well Dad wasn't trafficing women like they said...he was flying them back the same night. Somebody slandered him to get his gaming licence. I think that boy was trying to get help and reach out but not because of anything that had anything to do with your Dad. Sometimes teenagers try to tell people about their confusing sexual thoughts and it comes out in such a way that paranoid adults can't understand. Having gone through what you have gone through, you know by now people are not always 100 percent honest even when when they want to be. Just look on iy as a early learning experience, you know your Dad, and love your life. Don't let the trama ruin a beautiful teenage life. Love, from Kansas, Shana H. P.S. You are very well spoken and graceful.