Friday, October 4, 2013

IL - Shiloh man (Justin Vangilder) charged in plot to kill registered sex offenders

Justin Vangilder
Justin Vangilder
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Yet another reason the sex offender "hit-list" registry should be taken offline and used by police only!


SHILOH (KTVI) - A local man is charged in a plot to try to kill as many people as possible with explosives.

Authorities say 24-year-old Justin Vangilder (Facebook) is charged with federal counts of possession of unregistered destructive devices.

The FBI and state officials device unit found pipe bombs, shotgun shells and shrapnel inside a Shiloh home Thursday.

Authorities say Vangilder also had suicidal thoughts and thoughts about killing registered sex offenders.

Vangilder is currently in federal custody. Shiloh man arrested after reportedly making a bomb threat.

The Probable Cause Statement from police is posted below:

Probable Cause Statement

Probable Cause Statement

Probable Cause Statement

Probable Cause Statement


Loneranger said...

People should pay attention to this type of thing as it might not just be a sex offenders family that gets killed. Given in Oregon the registry is two and a half years out of date. How out of date are other states? the fact that information on these is only as good as how current the address are could someone come to your house and kill you? Is your address listed as where a sex offender lives? We tend to feel little sympathy when some vigilante kills a sex offender or their family. But that is just how society tends to be. The person that does the killing thinks they are some sort of hero in their own twisted mind but so many will just write it off as to bad for the sex offender. Fact is the sex offender registry and the information contained on where sex offenders sleep is not even close to being correct at least in Oregon. So the question is. How safe are you now? The biggest fear you should have is some sicko vigilante that has watch way to much TV will come to your house in the middle of the night and kill you while you sleep. You have a much better chance of this happening due to the registration laws posting so much information as we want to know. Your children have a much greater chance of being killed by a vigilante hunting sex offenders from the registry then you do of ever being offended against by and ex sex offender. Think about it and then do something to really protect your kids.

Kevin said...

I totally appreciate your passion towards the reformation of sex offender laws. However, we, like politicians and the media, cannot be permitted to use scare tactics and fear-mongering to advance our agenda. Stating statistic that cannot be corroborated ("Your children have a much greater chance of being killed by a vigilante hunting sex offenders from the registry then you do of ever being offended against by and ex sex offender.") makes us no better than those that enact registration laws and stereotype us. I have yet to see a report of a vigilante directly harming a child either on purpose of by mistake. Granted, indirect harm may come to a child through a vigilante attack on the child's loved one, but the number of vigilante reports against sex offenders just don't support your conclusion that I quoted above.
We may be oppressed by and angry about sex offender laws, but we must be level headed and not let our anger turn us into hypocrites.

Loneranger said...

duly noted. When I can substantiate such a claim I will surely post. However one would think you are correct and we should only post things that have reports that are substantiated. Possibly I should have stated there is a possibility your children maybe in danger of such actions. Rather than the way I posted. Really when we talk about people hunting off the registry the possibility is there not directly but indirectly given the weapon that was described in the article. So with that I will be sure to not post anything that might be inappropriate as was not my intent.

Kevin said...

I'm glad to see how level headed you are. I don't mean to degrade or be mean, I just think we need to keep an eye on each other so that we don't fall victim to the same perils that politicians and the media do. Contrary to what some believe, we are humans with an agenda just like they are. The only difference is that in order to regain our humanity in the eyes of everyone, we must walk a much finer line than they do.

Beverly said...

I think that this young woman's voice speak volumes as to what the registry did to her and her family. Being bullied, beat up, shunned enough to have her family move out of the country for relief. I applaud her efforts to get her story out there. This is one of two videos she has uploaded. Take a watch and though her speech is not very refined, her message is one that, at least for me is proof of direct harm done by laws that caused her damage. This is her story...

Loneranger said...

I appreciate the heads up as there are times when it is easy to slip into the same fear mongering rhetoric that has been used to promote these draconian laws and then sound just like politicians. Pointing out the fact that vigilantes have been using the same list to plot and kill and harass people both covertly as well as overtly, the same list that people think is doing nothing but making honest people aware and really doesn't affect them in a negative manner or could.

Given the many combinations for miss information to be distributed it only stands to reason that harm can come to an innocent bystander. There have been articles posted that contest to people being mistaken for sex offenders. Sex offenders blatantly hunted and they not only killed them but their wife as well.

When these laws were enacted due to a horrific murder of a child the rhetoric then was if we had only known.
Now we have to ask do we want to place people at risk of these vigilantes that could mistake an innocent person for what they felt an easy and justified target.

The fact that families of sex offenders contain children as well one would think these children are already in harms way.

To have information being posted by states that may or may not be correct is a formula for disaster waiting to happen. This is not fear mongering but a real red flag.

You're right I shouldn't want to use the same fear mongering tactics as our politicians.What they used were half truths to promote an agenda. What I am trying to point out is a threat caused by the overzealous fear mongering system that has been promoted as protecting could be turned into a real danger for the entire populous and that does include children as well.

So if this is to save the children from harm we need to look at the entire picture. What has been going on and maybe this has finally come full circle making society that consists of 300 million people even less safe.

The post below is an example of unintended consequences as it would be described by our politicians. She is doing a very good job trying to bring this to peoples attention. The unintended consequences of the same type of covert vigilante terrorism that affects every family the states list.

Only when it becomes a problem for someone other than the families of the sex offenders will a politician have the guts to say enough is enough and we have gone to far.

I hope this doesn't sound like mere fear mongering as cases of vigilante terrorism have become more publicized in recent history.The covert has become overt. The fine line we need to walk as to not sound like the politicians may become blurred at times. However the number of deaths that can be directly related to the registry are rising. So it makes it very hard when we want to refrain from possibly sounding like the politicians when raising a red flag and risk sounding like we are promoting half truths like politicians. I do understand that we want to gain our humanity back. We do not want to be like the politicians.

Amberbangkokescort said...

I'm happy to perceive how reasonable you are. I don't intend to corrupt or be mean, I just suppose we have to keep an eye on one another so we don't succumb to the same dangers that lawmakers and the media do. In spite of what some accept, we are people with an office much the same as they are.

Jason Sanders said...

You use a lot of inflammatory language in this article and seem to spout everything that is the government's argument. I'm sure people who are convicted sex offenders can understand how damaging inflammatory language can be as well as the dangers of spouting off one side of the case as though it is fact. The government never was able to prove any sort of plot and no sort of charges involving a plot or motive were ever brought. In fact the Federal Government didn't even bring up what they had originally stated was a motive in Sentencing because it was a fallacy with nothing to substantiate it.

You want people to be understanding and see the bigger picture. I'm sure the dangers of such black and white thinking are well known by many on this site, yet such inflammatory and assuming articles are posted. It's hypocritical.

Jason Sanders said...

We did not write the article, we simply reposted it due to the fact that many others have done, or said they would, do the same. If it's wrong then go to the source and tell them, not us.

Jason Sanders said...

The red text doesn't seem to be from any sort of other source other than this site or am I wrong? Calling someone a terrorist is a serious issue, and using that very incorrect and unfounded label while making sure to post a picture of a person while at the same time decrying the sex offender registry and the sex offender label is absurdly hypocritical. The people on this site seem very quick to label and condemn while scolding others that do the same.