Wednesday, October 23, 2013

FL - Vigilante Todd "Bubba the Love Sponge" Clem warns communities about sexual offenders

Todd Clem
Todd Clem
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He's a wanna-be Howard Stern shock jock who will do anything and exploit anybody for attention. He is also the person who mocked and insulted Mark Lunsford (See the BTLS category above), videos here and here.


By Jeff Patterson

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY - It's nearly Halloween. A time for little ghouls and goblins to dress up for Trick or Treat.

Tampa radio personality Todd "Bubba the Love Sponge" Clem is worried about some real scary people.

Bubba asked listeners to let him know where sexual offenders are located in their neighborhoods.

He says he then went onto the FDLE web site to verify the information and went says he went one step further to verify the offenders information on individual county law enforcement web sites.

Bubba then had yard signs printed on a red background with bold white letters that notify people that a convicted sexual predator lives at the address.
- He is basically exploiting ex-offenders for advertisement purposes, and we believe that is a crime!

Bubba says, "This is the season that a lot of kids are going to be running in a lot of peoples neighborhoods. Ok, things like that and I just want to bring public awareness to where these people, that have been convicted in a court of law, for some type of sexual deviant live."

Each year, local law enforcement officers knock on the door of sexual offenders to verify their address and to remind them not to hand out candy at Halloween.

Bubba says, "Your kids need to stay away from this address, not just October 31st, but year around, but particularly next week."
- Why on Halloween when not a single case of a child being sexually abused by a known or unknown ex-offender exists?  They are more likely to be hit by a car than sexually abused by someone.

Bubba the love sponge exploiting fear for advertisement purposes?
This is just an advertisement!
As Bubba placed yard signs in one Hillsborough County neighborhood, he quickly drew a crowd.

People recognized him and wanted to come shake his hand.

Most in the neighborhood support what he is doing.
- He is doing exactly what this vigilante sheriff is doing, but the sheriff is legal when he is not.

Candy Derolf lives in the neighborhood where Bubba placed the signs.

Derolf says, "I think it's a good idea, it's great. Cause we have a lot of young, young kids around here that unfortunately get around a lot by themselves."

Moments after Bubba left the area, one man came out of his home to take the sign out of his yard.
- Which is legal to do.  Bubba is being a vigilante and exploiting fear for his own advertisement purposes!

The man explained to a news crew, "I'm a sexual offender, not a sexual predator. Bubba got it wrong, there's a difference you know."


nathan rabalais said...

wow what an idiot but yet it's floriduh and i will say if this guy gets on the shiitaka list you can be sure he will have my vote and if anything happens to anyone because of his stupidity i would make sure charges are filled to the max along with the idiot sheriff who has the same signs as well

g4change said...

I hope those being identified as predators and who are not actually predators sue him and the radio company where he works for Millions!!!!!

Loneranger said...

Well sometimes when a person does things like this to gain attention they get the wrong kind. He even went as far as putting his name on the signs. Not every promotional gimmick gives a good response. I haven't looked but most states have a disclaimer that says this information is not to be used to harass the registrants in anyway. I would think this would count as that. So yes i also hope they sue. It would be great if they did as most don't have this kind of proof. Most often the harassment is covert and hard to prove. this is overt and so easy when they put it in writing. the best part of one step to far.

GriffinAldjoy73 said...

Considering this is the same state of "Zimmerman/Martin", it'd be funny if Clem was shot while intruding on someone's private property while putting these signs up. I know that felony convictions will often preclude someone from legally owning firearms, but that's not to say that a family member of the person couldn't do it. If I was a family member who lived in the same place, I'd be fearful of the attention this idiot is bringing to the household.

Eric Knight said...

You may wish to update the current story. Unlike the signs placed by the Sheriff, the signs placed by Bubba (or on his urging) were done on PRIVATE PROPERTY, which means trespassing (Florida Statute FS775.21). In addition, there are harassment laws in place that prohibits this type of activity. All registrants affected should at the VERY least file a criminal complaint, and if financially feasible, file suit in this easily winnable civil action.

Mark said...

This guy is a lunk,. And he is using sexual offenders as a pawn to garner radio ratings - period. I just cannot say anymore about this over sized toad.

Sex Offender Issues said...

You have a point, it is trespassing, but if nobody files charges then nothing will become of it and he will continue to get away with it.

dee said...

there are so many men out there that have been wrongfully convicted because of a vandictive x wife ect.... its a growing behavior for women who want to get rid of and ruin their x husbands life forever. this is horrible to do this to them. just horrible. shame on people.