Friday, October 18, 2013

FL - Child sexual abuse survivor becomes advocate to protect kids

How is it that all these victims of sexual abuse are now all of a sudden regarded as "experts?" Just because you have been victimized that doesn't all of a sudden make you an expert. This media outfit should be talking with true experts, not Lauren Book! And he claims he read her book, well, we would be willing to bet he did not.

She also refers to sex offenders as pedophiles and that "every square inch of the US has one pedophile," which is pure BS! True pedophiles are rare, not the norm, and just because someone molests a child, by definition, doesn't make them a pedophile.

If you want to see how her "
protecting kids" has been implemented in Florida, just see these videos.

She is pretty much on a vengeance campaign to punish ex-sex offenders due to her abuse, in our opinion. Educating kids is one thing, but to continually lobby for more draconian laws against ex-offenders is another.

Predators do not always target children like she alludes to!

Nothing but pure fear-mongering and disinformation, as usual!

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