Monday, October 28, 2013

UK - Man wrongly accused of being pedophile burned alive

Stephen Norley & Lee James
Stephen Norley & Lee James
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This is more proof of why the online hit-list (registry) should be taken offline and used by police only!


BRISTOL - A man wrongly accused of being a pedophile was beaten unconscious, set on fire, and killed by two neighborhood "vigilantes."

Investigators say the brutal violence in the Bristol, England neighborhood appears to be the result of a vicious rumor mill and a misguided police investigation.

According to the Daily Mail, 44-year-old _____ was arrested in July after being accused of taking "inappropriate" images of neighborhood children.

But after an investigation, police determined that _____ was actually taking pictures of kids he suspected of vandalizing his prized garden.

Despite being released by police with no charges, the Daily Mail reports that two neighborhood men decided to enact their own justice against the disabled _____.

Just two days after his release, _____ was viciously beaten by two 24-year-olds. The two suspects then dragged the unconscious _____ outside, where they set him on fire and killed him.

One of the attackers has pleaded guilty to murder, while the other has admitted his role in helping in on the attack. Both are awaiting sentencing.

Investigators say there was no evidence that _____ was doing anything wrong and was ultimately the victim of viscous rumors and misguided hostility.

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Loneranger said...

The Black Swan is exactly what started the registry. they know this and they also know how low the re offence rates are now and what they started at. But still they continue. The only time they even start to make sense is when it looks like they need to put the brakes on before some politician runs this into the billions for taxpayers instead of the wasted millions it is now. Personally i feel it is one stupid well meaning idea away and can't wait till they do. The one step to far will be the down fall. They don't care about the lives of ex offenders however they do care about what this costs. But they will not really feel it until they mandate something that is impossible to pay for but will be law and then what? Oregon although has been cautious not to blindly follow the pack and has been criticized for not doing so has started with their new reform. As they are using static 99r to tier all offenders to somehow fall in line with AWA. I would think that this is going to be very expensive as well as the hope was to be able to remove people and end lifetime registration. The law started out as a good idea and when done will only increase cost and give few a way to be removed. Same as always they do not research things before they act. The up side to this article is they have researched this and strangely they come up with the same low rates as always. One would think we could save millions if we just tossed 90 percent of this. but the cost will need to get into the billions before they will ever admit this is a failed experiment.