Saturday, October 19, 2013

AL - Should Child Molesters Be Castrated?

As usual, the video is talking about child molesters and the "expert" goes into the usual "pedophile" rant! Just because someone molests a child, by definition, doesn't make them a pedophile!

Video Description:
The Doctors discuss legislation recently filed in the state of Alabama that would require surgical castration (Wikipedia) for any child molester over the age of 21 whose victim was 12 years old or younger.

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BillBarney said...

I do not wont to sound petty. I do not think this criticism is petty. When you state, "just because some one molested a child" makes it seem that this site minimizes the act of molestation. Like it is no big deal. I know this is not the case. I have been an avid reader and a follower for many years now. However new readers may not understand that and may dismiss your site as pro-molestation. Avoid words like just whenever referring to molestation. Thank You

Loneranger said...

Well at least one of them had her facts straight. The I spent ten years in the trenches sure sounded like she was an expert. However when she started spouting the same old stats that the other knew were wrong and said so IMO exposed what little she really knew. What the one said about it should be looked at as a public health issue was dead on. Over the years this has been only looked at as a mental condition after the fact as if they did before they prosecuted they couldn't convict someone for having an illness. So to have their cake and eat it to they never mention until after the fact mental treatment is mandatory.
There were many things that were said that were incorrect or just tossed out there with no qualification. As alluding to 70 percent go after ten year old boys. this might be correct when talking about the small percent that are pedophiles and they also have the highest re offence rate in that sub group. But here we go again painting with a broad brush. So if this is true then why do their own stats say one out of four girls and one out of six boys will be abused before 18. Somehow I just can not do the math on this one and come up to 70 percent ten year old boys.

the one that said well five percent is to much if it were her child. Well I guess she was all for it as castration was a sure thing. What didn't get said and should have was with or without castration the rate would be the same although the one did try. the true danger was they are so focused on this they can't see the forest for the trees. the one that said abuse is on the rise was not exactly right however they always compare apples and oranges and confuse the issue. the real problem isn't repeat offenders as much as first time offenders as they for some reason just ignore that.

Back in the fifties my father worked at a hospital where they routinely performed frontal lobotomies. This was a standard procedure back then done on many of the mentally ill.
After thousands were done across the country it was ruled cruel and inhumane and the practice was stopped. they also used to sterilize them. this was also stopped. This was leagle and against their will as it was court ordered. For some reason those that do not study history are doomed to repeat it.

Loneranger said...

After thinking about this for a while and the statement that was made that this should be looked at as a public health issue. I had to think how that might look. It's known that 97 percent are first time offenders. Also most offences go unreported. So what if. What if this was changed from criminal with all the bells and whistles that go along with this. To a mental health issue as they say. Lets not say the ones that violently attack and rape and kill will not be prosecuted. But maybe we have painted this with such a broad brush and can not get away from the idea that prisons need to be filled and the more the better idea.
What if the fact that a family will be destroyed is taken off the table. What if help was made available for offender and victim without the devastation that always follows reporting. Sure we might see a rise in the stats of sex abuse. But that is the number we are looking for as the ones that need help can ask for it. The way it is now the vast majority will not. The numbers that are sited 450 out of 100,000 for a given state for example are the 450 out of 100,000 families that have been prosecuted mostly destroyed and everyone is told about them. so stands to reason reporting would be the last thing anyone wants to do. So given this we have many more families that we don't know about and are a danger. It's not so much knowing as that has been shown to be counter productive but the fact that it's guaranteed total devastation if they seek any kind of mental help as it will be reported and then the destruction starts and never ends.

I know that before they had the registry and all the mandatory sentencing reporting was still not something that happened alot. But what did happen was the offender was not always sentenced to years in prison and the family got help and the problem most often corrected. The offender went on to be one of the 97 percent that never offended again and life went on. Somehow we have gone off in a direction that has been a dismal failure and we need to rethink this.

Loneranger said...

Good point and really don't women when it comes to something about sex give a better show. Frankly they didn't get into any kind of debate and just kind of tossed out little bits of miss information. However women talking about cutting off testicles had to get some kind of good ratings. Last week the Oregonian paper did not one but two sensationalized articles on sex offenders and the easy laws we have here. the laws here are not as easy as she portrayed. the point is whenever they want a new law and I have no doubt this was so Oregon can gear up for the AWA. They do this to prep peoples minds for what will come next. To somehow show the need as we must be in danger. So yes this is no more then what politicians do when they campaign. Tell it long enough and often enough and it becomes truth.