Friday, September 27, 2013


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Moorehead pleaded guilty to the crime of first degree child molestation in 2005. The presentence investigation report and a psychologist, Dr. Kevin McGovern, recommended that Moorehead be allowed to complete a special sex offender sentencing alternative (SSOSA) outpatient treatment program. In July 2005, the court imposed a 68-month sentence, with 180 days to serve in confinement and the remainder suspended under a SSOSA. The SSOSA required that Moorehead undergo and successfully complete an outpatient sex offender treatment program. After his confinement, Moorehead began a treatment program with Sunset Psychological & Counseling Services. Moorehead violated the conditions of his SSOSA, resulting in one out-of-court agreement and two violation hearings. On four occasions between October 2005 and February 2007, Moorehead violated his travel restrictions. For the last of these violations, Moorehead was confined for 30 days. In March 2006, Moorehead possessed pornography in violation of the SSOSA and his treatment program. Moorehead was also found to have provided false information to corrections officers after he incorrectly stated there was not pornography on his computer. He received 60 days' confinement for these two violations.

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