Friday, September 27, 2013

VT - Police say St. Michael's student (Tanya Marceau) made false sexual assault report

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COLCHESTER - The Chittenden Unit for Special Investigations says a St. Michael’s College student who claimed she was sexually assaulted on campus last week made up the story.

Tanya Marceau, 20, an out-of-state student living in Colchester, is facing a charge of giving false information to a police, CUSI said in a news release. Marceau, a junior, is due for arraignment in Vermont Superior Court on Tuesday.

Police said they have been investigating the allegations of a reported sexual assault on the main campus near Cashman Hall about midnight on Sept. 14. The initial report implicated an unidentified man, who was captured on video surveillance. That image was released to the news media in an attempt to identify the man.

CUSI received a call from the man depicted in the image and subsequently met with him, Sgt. Dennis Duffy said.

During the interview information was gathered that contradicted the initial complaint made by the alleged victim, police said. Duffy said investigators gathered more information that corroborated the man’s statements.

CUSI investigators met with the alleged victim Thursday for a second interview and following the meeting Marceau received a citation ordering her to appear in criminal court, police said.

If convicted, Marceau faces a penalty of up to one year in prison and a $1,000 fine.


Loneranger said...

gee a year in prison and a 1000 dollar fine. She was trying to ruin this guys life. Just short of manslaughter i would call it. The penalty is one year. Are you kidding me. When women use their perceived power to accuse falsely it isn't a mistake. The consequences could take someone entire world from them and the emotional damage from just turning in a false report in itself enough to last a lifetime. This man may have trust issues from this forever. You can never get that back once you have been treated like that. So a year? really?

deathklok said...

Thankfully the victim nipped it in the bud before he was arrested or he might have ended up with his mugshot on the internet forever.

Vtwoman said...

You should be-careful what you say, as a woman who has also reported a sexual assault and was told to drop the charges, and then charged with "False Info" as well, it is very hard to even report assaults anymore, and when this happens it scares even more women to come forward when the women that do report are treated as the criminal!