Saturday, September 14, 2013

VA - Child Pornography an on going issue for investigators

Child porn
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I wonder if this is because the FBI, ICE and other organizations are using viruses and Trojans to plant child porn around to nab suspects?


By Ananda Rochita

SALEM - Investigators with the Virginia State Police like Sergeant Robby Holland is one of a handful of people in the high tech crimes division unit working to stop crimes against children online.

"We spend a lot of resources working in these types of cases," says Sergeant Holland. "They're time consuming once we get a tip on a case. It takes several months sometimes to track down leads and the search warrants."

That's the reason why it took about a year to have suspects _____ and his son _____ indicted last week.

With recent child pornography cases we've reported on it may seem that this is a growing problem, but Sergeant Holland says it's an on going issue they're getting better at tracking with help from some neighbors through tips.

Even though tips help put people behind bars, investigators' jobs aren't finished yet. They take the photos of the children found in the images and video and give it to the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children to see if there's a match on the list.

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