Tuesday, September 17, 2013

UK - Man hangs himself after vigilantes (Letzgo Hunting) accuse him of being a paedophile

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Another vigilante victim! How many must kill themselves or be murdered by vigilantes due to the online hit-list before it's taken offline and used by police only?


By Martin Fricker

He was arrested after being confronted by the group who lure suspected sex offenders into real-life meetings by posing as young girls online

A man committed suicide days after vigilantes accused him of being a paedophile and grooming a child on the web.

_____, 29, was arrested after being confronted in public by undercover online group Letzgo Hunting.

The vigilantes lure suspected sex offenders into real-life meetings by posing as young girls online.

Members then video confrontations and post footage on Facebook and YouTube before tipping off police.
- This is, or should be, a crime.  If someone contacts them, they should contact the police and let the police do their job, not become vigilantes for 15 minutes of fame!

Mr _____,  who lived with his college worker girlfriend _____, was confronted in public by Letzgo Hunting members four months ago.

He was arrested and questioned by detectives from Leicestershire Police on May 9 after they were shown the footage.

The engineer, from Newbold Verdon, Leicestershire, was released on bail while officers looked at allegations.

He was found dead at home four days later.

A coroner last week recorded a verdict of suicide – but no mention of Letzgo Hunting was made at the inquest.

The hearing in Loughborough, Leicestershire, was told how a relative found Mr _____ hanged in the garage of his semi-detached home.

Coroner Trevor Kirkman said: “Whatever may have occurred, or whatever may be thought to have occurred, is not a matter I need to go into.”

A relative of _____’s, who asked not to be named, said: “It’s a tragedy and has left everyone extremely upset.”

Criticising Letzgo Hunting, he added: “It’s a sad reflection on modern life that vigilantes operate on the internet.”

Mr _____’s family had no comment.

Letzgo Hunting was set up by three men and a woman, assisted by 13 helpers, in Hinckley, Leics, this year.

The founder, “Jamie”, said he would not change methods in the wake of Mr _____’s death.

He added: “We feel sorry for his family for the loss.”

Letzgo Hunting has led to the arrest of 12 in the county, but no charges.

The Association of Chief Police Officers said Letzgo Hunting’s tactics could allow suspects to dispose of any key evidence before the police became involved.
- So why aren't you doing something about it and arresting these vigilantes?  By not doing that, you are basically condoning what they are doing!

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Michael said...

They don't have an online hit-list (yet) in the UK. The vigilantes in the UK have to use other means to hunt their victims, as in this case.

Loneranger said...

Someday people like this will be held accountable. The encouragement to hound as well as kill by whatever means tends to be something applauded by the media as they never portray it as anything but just another sex offender bites the dust. This is a tragedy that should not have happened. We don't like what people do. This holds for the ones that caused this. Two wrongs never make a right. Something our government doesn't get and even though this was in another country the hysteria created here is contagious and spreads like a pandemic. Society has become sick with revenge and vigilantes. Once they invited the general public to engage in the supervision of anyone with a sex offence they opened the door to this. We have a police force and laws to handle criminals. As if we did anything else it just wouldn't work and it hasn't. The idea of creating a safer world went out the window when politicians used this to promote themselves. To state lies to build this up to the point they surely must be heroes and should be voted for. What a price to pay for a job and recognition. The amount of deaths this has caused around the world should be a red flag. the idea that they could save just one child sounds trivial compared to the deaths and suffering they have cause. One would think that if they see this causes harm the politicians would put a stop to this. However they have used such a controversial volatile subject to gain votes how can they admit they have created this and keep the one thing most important to them. Their Job. One has to wonder what kind of people these politicians must really be. Do we really want them in office after they have created such a mess? If they can create such a mess and then just walk away from it what else are they doing to the public cloaked in they are saving the children.
Recently our government has been trying to promote going to war with Syria. One thing they keep saying is how so many children have been killed with this gas. Well maybe they need to take a look at the weapon of mass destruction they created with the sex offender registry. How many people have been killed and abused by this. The registry is much like poison gas as it affects many more than the ones they are intending to kill.

bigdgal said...

Just found this site. Do you know there are several groups who are working on this? At the very least go to RSOL site (Reform Sex Offender Laws). Get involved!

Sex Offender Issues said...

Yes there are a lot of sites who are involved. See the following for a list of those we know of:


bigdgal said...

The link is fantastic. I responded with questions to your site. I hope anyone who found their way by accident (like I just did) to this info - please become involved. You are not alone - there are A LOT of people fighting to make things better, and it will get better. The only way to make it happen faster is if you and everyone you know does something. Join with our groups, contact your representatives and tell them what you want changed.