Thursday, September 12, 2013

SWEDEN - Public masturbation not a crime

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A man who openly masturbated on a Stockholm beach has been acquitted of sexual assault in court after it was ruled he was not targeting a specific person, with the prosecutor saying it's "okay" to play with yourself in public.

The incident occurred on June 6th at the Drevviken beach when the man removed his shorts and began masturbating close to the water. He was subsequently charged with sexual assault.

The Södertörn District Court has now acquitted the 65-year old in a judgement which stated that it "may be proven that the man exposed himself and masturbated on this occasion".

However, the court added that no offence had been committed as the masturbating man was not pleasuring himself towards a specific person.

Public prosecutor Olof Vrethammar told the Mitti newspaper that he wasn't planning to appeal the ruling.

"For this to be a criminal offence it's required that the sexual molestation was directed towards one or more people. I think the court's judgement is reasonable," he said.

When asked if it was now acceptable to masturbate in public if you don't direct it towards a specific individual the prosecutor said it was "okay."

"The district court has made a judgement on this case. With that we can conclude that it is okay to masturbate on the beach. The act may be considered to be disorderly conduct."

In another recent judgement a 15-year-old boy was acquitted after being previously charged with sexual assault. The teen had thrown his underwear into a lake and stood naked in front of two under-age girls.

The Södertörn District Court said that his behaviour did not have a sexual undertone and the charge was dismissed. Both the girls had requested the boy be charged with molestation.

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Loneranger said...

I really don't think it is really leagle to do this in a public place. However they did say he was only interested in what he was doing at the time and not directing his actions toward any individual. Humm in the USA you get booked and prosecuted for taking a leak behind a tree. Persecuted for life in some states. So maybe this is a bit extreme. Not to say that we should be allowed to do as this man did but really hasn't the witch hunt gone on long enough? If this man did that here he would not only have been arrested but would have spent many years in prison as well as hounded for the rest of his life. So in comparison can we really say this is the land of the free anymore? Or is it really the land of the justice and prison industry. So easy to fill our prisons to collect federal dollars that are passed on to the privately run prisons. When they talk about how contracting things out from the government to the private sector contractors take advantage of the government. They manipulate the system to maximize profits. And the taxpayer foots the bill. Why do we allow this? We have more people in prison than any country in the world and many countries combined could not match the numbers we hold behind bars and the states collect federal dollars for each and every one. Are our people really this bad? Much worse than any other country in the world? No wonder other countries don't like us. We come out and say it. We are a nation of felons. If you are not one now hang on and we will come up with a new law. When someone points this out all we get is fear mongering to insure we are out of balance and start to believe that maybe we were the one that was wrong to even question. When in fact we are not wrong. We have been manipulated and will continue to be as long as the federal government is so generous with grants and subsidizing this industry. However if this happens the states will be forced to pay for this on their own. When this happens we will see less people that pee behind a bush in prison. I sure hope when that happens we will be able to stand the back lash. Will there be a increase of this crime in the future? Can we afford to take the chance?