Tuesday, September 10, 2013

PA - Sex offenders should disclose statuses on social media, Mike Schlossberg says

Rep. Mike Schlossberg
Rep. Mike Schlossberg
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By Colin McEvoy

Pennsylvania state Rep. Mike Schlossberg plans to introduce a law that would require convicted sex offenders to disclose their status as as a sex offender on their social media accounts.

Schlossberg, D-Lehigh, said the state's version of Megan's Law (Wikipedia) took effect before the widespread use of social media and online social networking.

"We all know that the Internet can give child predators the opportunity to prey on the innocent," Schlossberg said in a news release.
- Maybe he should post his sins online and push for a law for all ex-felons to publish their sins on an online shaming hit-list?

"We have a responsibility to ensure adequate protections for our children, so that we can be confident in their safety as they use these social media websites," he said.

Schlossberg, of Allentown, plans to introduce legislation that would require Pennsylvania State Police to establish a format that Megan’s Law offenders would have to display on their social networking accounts.

In addition to disclosing that the person is a sex offender, the format would also require the year of registration, nature and their of offense and year of last registration.

Schlossberg said the law would alert an unknowing person that someone on the other end of their electronic communication is a registered sex offender.

The legislation has not yet been introduced, as Schlossberg is still seeking a co-sponsor for the proposed bill.


CharlesHiggins said...

This is typical. Look at the legal terms of use on Facebook and they will tell you no sex offenders are allowed. I know. They removed me even though I did disclose my status on the page.

ieee said...

Hello Charles.

I would not use the term "sex offender" to refer to people who are listed on the Sex Offender Registries.

You are right about Facebook, of course. But who cares are their terms of service? They are a terrible, un-American company that deserves no respect due to the stance on restricting some arbitrary group of U.S. citizens from using their services.

I have been on Facebook for over a decade and I expect I always will be. It doesn't matter what law the criminal politicians pass. I will be on Facebook simply because scum like them don't want me to be.