Thursday, September 12, 2013

PA - Further details of international travel

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By Lenn:
I live in Pennsylvania and yes they changed the law in December 2011. I traveled before last fall. I was going back to Manila to work. Now I will be moving back to Ohio since my crime was from there, just so they can boot me off the registry. I know several other SO's who got off last year who just recently traveled from PA to Thailand and Hong Kong mostly for their job. I take it as long as we pop up on radar yet and try to travel they will have some kind of fit and alert where ever your destination is at.

My crime was unlawful conduct with a minor, and it was a federal charge because I was 22 and she was 15 and we went over state lines to an amusement park for the day, but yes we had relations as well. I made a bad error in judgment. I basically am blacklisted from going back to Manila but once you are off the registry it shouldn't be an issue other then if trying to go to England or Canada.


A. Wife said...

Thank you for the additional details. It would seem that international travel from AWA states is going to be a thing of the past. A crapshoot at best. Since you have to give 21 days notice, they just leisurely forward the information on to the country or Interpol, who then does it. Whether or not you will be getting turned back at the visiting country's immigration can only be found out after landing. Who has time and resources for that?

What is of further interest is if your crime is even relevant in the Philipines. What I have found on-line was less than definitive about the age of consent there.

What if you / one traveled to a country where sexual contact with a 15-year old was perfectly legal? Like most of Europe?

This is pathetic. Just pathetic.

Thanks for posting.

lenn said...

The majority of these countries do not even look deeply on to your crime. It seems all this BS started here in US of A and if you noticed it's pretty much all the English speaking countries adapting to this NAZI BS , i.e. Canada, England, Aussie,...But If Big Brother calls ahead and does not want you to enter it is almost a definite, your destination will send you right back on the plane..