Wednesday, September 25, 2013

PA - Commonwealth v. REMENTER

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The chilling facts of this child rape case are clear from the record. . . . [Appellant], then 23, met H.D. when H.D. was just 8 years old and they were both students at a local karate school. [Appellant] immediately became obsessed with the 8-year-old H.D., developing the deranged delusion that "[t]he day we met I felt a force so strong between us that it felt like destiny was pushing us together." [Appellant] became H.D.'s karate instructor when she was 11, and he immediately seized upon the opportunity his new position of trust provided him to prey on her. [Appellant] began asking her personal questions, and he set about convincing her that no one cared about her and he was the only person she could trust. In August of 2011, the relationship turned sexual as [Appellant] continued to exploit his position of trust. [Appellant] admitted that he had sexual intercourse with H.D. at least six times in H.D's home while her parents were at work. He wrote her numerous letters addressed to "Cinderella" and signed "Prince Charming," and he sent her an assortment of inappropriate gifts including vibrators, lingerie, and a wedding band. He also sent her nude photographs of himself and he requested that she send the same to him. Most disturbing of all, [Appellant] sent H.D. used condoms filled with his semen and told her to place the condoms inside of her body when they were not together. The relationship only came to an end when H.D.'s mother came home from work on December 27, 2011, and discovered H.D. engaged in sexual intercourse in H.D.'s room. As H.D's mother was calling the police, [Appellant] fled the home but was later arrested.

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