Tuesday, September 24, 2013

OR - Sex offender clinic in neighborhood ‘crazy’

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By Carla Castano

BEAVERTON (KOIN) - The proximity of a Beaverton sex offender clinic to schools has residents in the neighborhood upset and speaking out.

The Center for Behavioral Intervention, 4345 SW 109th Ave., is in a house converted for use commercially. It serves about 120 sex offenders.

The house was damaged by arson Saturday morning. Deputies have described these as “the worst sex offenders.”

There are seven schools within 2.5 miles of the center, including three elementary schools. A Chuck E. Cheese also is nearby.

Parent Aurora Olivia said having sex offenders that close was “crazy,” while neighbor Katrina Harley said it was “a terrible idea.”

I guess I can kind of understand why someone would be that upset, but I don’t think you should burn a building down. Maybe you should write your legislator or senator,” Harley said.

The sex offenders who get treatment at this facility will go without the counseling services for at least two weeks while repairs are done.

But Sgt. Bob Ray of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said there’s no reason to think the residents are in danger.

It doesn’t mean the community is in any sort of danger,” he said. “These offenders, there are other avenues for them to get their treatment and for the process to continue. While this is privately owned it is monitored by the state.”

Each of their parole or probation officers will check in with them during the closure. Co-owner Cori Jensen said, “This was not one of our guys who did this.” She would not comment, however, on why she thought the Center for Behavioral Intervention was targeted.

No one has been arrested and the investigation continues.

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