Sunday, September 22, 2013

NY - GOP Says Fundraiser Event Should Be Cancelled

Exploitation by politicians is nothing new
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But One Activist Says Yarrow is Not A Pedophile

The Republican Congressional Campaign Committee is talking about a new website.

The website talks about how Mr. Yarrow, who was arrested and convicted of seducing a 14 year old girl in 1970, is singing at a fundraiser in Ithaca this weekend.

Martha Robertson (Facebook) will be there. “It is telling that while Congressman Tom Reed (Facebook) is co-sponsoring the bipartisan Missing Children’s Assistance Act, his opponent Martha Robertson is having a convicted child molester headline her kickoff fundraiser. If Robertson had any sense of morality, she would have cancelled her fundraiser the minute she found out that Mr. Yarrow had molested a 14-year old girl. Robertson’s actions here speak volumes – she will not hesitate to put money before morals,” said NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior.

Shana Rowan of USA Fair
Shana Rowan of USA Fair
But a group called USA Families Advocating an Intelligent Registry Inc., a national advocacy group, is condemning language being used to describe Mr. Yarrow. Shana Rowan, Executive Director of USA FAIR, said that the GOP’s use of the term “pedophile” is incorrect. “The clinical definition of a pedophile, according to the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM, is an adult who is sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children, not young men who have had sexual contact with teenagers. This is the kind of politically-driven hysteria that leads to harmful knee-jerk legislation.” said Ms. Rowan.

Thanks to emotionally-charged sex offender policies supported by both Democratic and Republican lawmakers, thousands of women in New York State are suffering collateral damage as the wife or mother of someone on the sex offender registry," Rowan continued. "Together, we have witnessed our registered family members accept responsibility for their actions and do everything they can to become productive, law-abiding citizens, despite the obstacles imposed by said laws. Mr. Yarrow has served his sentence and even received a presidential pardon. If we are unwilling to allow a man who has expressed remorse for a forty-three year old crime committed in his youth to move on with his life, what kind of incentive are we giving other former offenders to become contributing members of society?


Loneranger said...

Not surprising and really a form of dirty politics. If you can toss mud on your opponent do it more votes for you. If you can create some sex offender bashing law. Do it more votes for you. If you can see a possible loophole to fill. More votes for you. Have you done anything positive? Who cares more votes for you. Does this damage lives? Does it make everyone less safe? could this somehow change an election and end up with a real loser in office? Yes to all the above.

g4change said...

OH, and never mind the fact that Yarrow was PARDONED by President Carter from this offense that happened so many years ago that most people still had black and white TVs in their home....that's how ANCIENT this case is. And, he never reoffended....but, golly, I thought everyone who committed that sort of offense had a high rate of reoffense!!!!!! This stupidity makes me want to scream!!!!

tucosalamanca said...

Maybe Mr. Yarrow isn't a pedophile. But Shana Rowan's boy Geoff Boudreau is! He sodomized a 6 year old!