Wednesday, September 11, 2013

NY - GOA blacklisting international travelers

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By Lenn:
Last May of 2013 I reported my travel as usual to the State police, explained to them and even showed them my invitation from my job offer abroad. They had no problem and just told me if I am gone longer then 3 months just send an update. When I arrived to my destination, they said, well I was denied entry even though I was there a year before and no problems. They told me at JFK when I got back if I didn't have any travel restrictions to fight it. In reality it is a no win situation. So my concern is, I get off the registry in 14 months, if I am offered a job else where, will I have the same situation? I did read one person's comment already and he explained that there are other ways to travel abroad other then flight.. Any suggestions would greatly be helpful.


anonymous said...

I'm guessing it will really be up to the country which you're trying to enter. They can have their own rules regardless of whether you will be off the registry or not. Probably your best option would be to contact the embassy of that country here in the states to see if you can find out if you are barred permanently because of your record. That could be the case.

eAdvocate said...

I suggest you read what is posted in the Community Room here:

And specifically check the link to rules of entry into other countries. Maybe last year they missed stopping you, or -as I will guess- the U.S. failed to pre-notify them of your arrival, assuming you notified your local registering agency here in the U.S..

A. Wife said...

@Lenn - thank you for sharing. I would really appreciate some more details, if possible....

- what state do you reside in?
- is it an AWA compliant state? Did you have to give 21 days notice? If not, are you required to give travel notice?
- what country did you travel to?
- did they give you any reason or explanation?

Given that you are not a 'lifer' I am deducing that your offense was not terrible - possibly one that many other countries would just shrug their shoulders at?

What exactly is the point of this? In the US here they clearly do not want you live in your town, your county, your state, your country, and now you can't even leave if legally given the chance? At what point does this cross the line of being sadistic? Really, why???

Any information would be much appreciated. Trying not to panic but am fearing Plan B slipping away.

lenn said...

For the Wife: on my details I posted the rest of my blog on a separate post, it was up yesterday, I didn't know I could reply right below here on my own Question. There are states that will not abide by the AWA act and that is what is saving me, so I can travel in the future..

A. Wife said...

@lenn - I just replied to your other post and thanking you for additional details. Yes, my conclusion is also that you cannot travel from AWA states. In case of life time registration this will be for the rest of your life! Caught like a rat in a cage.

I had some other observations as well - on that other post. Thanks and good luck.

lenn said...

There is a way out of everything, but you need to pick your battles, and what is worth fighting for, a new life or new start. Since my original case is under old law and not even from PA it will be moot to fight because Ohio will boot me off anyway when I move back there. I refuse to live like a dam slave or to be punished for the rest of my life over this...