Tuesday, September 10, 2013

NM - Civil Rights Group Calls for DA Kari Brandenburg to Vigorously Prosecute Vigilantes

Reform Sex Offender Laws
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By Sandy

Reform Sex Offender Laws Inc. (RSOL) calls on Bernalillo County District Attorney Kari Brandenburg to follow the recommendation of the Albuquerque Police Department and vigorously prosecute Emilio Chavez III and all others responsible for the savage beating of _____ on September 5th. According to police reports, Mr. Chavez has proudly admitted to administering “street justice” to an accused Peeping Tom.

Brenda Jones, RSOL’s Executive Director, condemned the vicious attack on Mr. _____ that sent him to the hospital barely alive. She noted that vigilantism is on the rise all over America and that the greatest documented increase seems to be directed at citizens listed on sex offender registries. Jones stated, “Sex offender registries are increasingly used as hit lists. Just last week a registered sex offender was beaten to death on the streets of Baltimore. A few weeks prior, a man and his wife were both brutally murdered in their home in South Carolina. Her offense was that she was married to a person listed on the South Carolina sex offender registry.”

Larry Neely with RSOL-NM had this observation: “I am shocked that so many Albuquerque citizens have condoned Mr. Chavez’s actions. Perhaps this is because Albuquerque has some relatively recent history of one of its prominent citizens glorifying vigilantism.” A man named Elton John Richard was sentenced in 2008 to two years in prison after pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter. Richard justified the killing of an unarmed person because he had caught a man breaking into his car, and the man had the audacity to run away from the crime scene. After a foot-chase of almost half a mile, Richard fired the fatal shot as the man was attempting to scale a fence with Richard in hot pursuit.

Paul Heh, a now retired Albuquerque police officer, led a successful effort to free Richard from prison. After having served only four months of a two-year prison term, Richard was freed by a state district judge who reduced his sentence to time served. The judge stated that Richard was “no threat to the community.” That may quite possibly have been true so long as no one else in the community attempted to break into his car.

RSOL recognizes that Mr. _____ was alleged to have been engaging in an illegal and disturbing act,” Jones said. “The police have indicated that Mr. _____ will be charged with voyeurism, which means he will be held accountable if the charges are proven; however, vigilantism can be neither condoned nor tolerated.”

Jones went on to say, “If the allegations against Mr. Chavez are true, his behavior cannot be construed as a lawful effort to apprehend the alleged perpetrator; it was a savage attack that left the victim barely clinging to life. No one disagrees that running the man off of their property would have been protecting his family. Holding him, forcefully if needed, until law enforcement could arrive would have been protecting family.”

But the alleged assault and savage beating of Mr. _____ far exceeds protecting one’s family from an immediate threat of harm, Jones concludes. “It is street justice and cannot be tolerated in a civilized society. No matter how hard one attempts to justify Mr. Chavez’s actions, it is vigilantism, and those who choose to engage in vigilantism must be held accountable for their lawless acts.”


Mark said...

Sex offenders go jail and die there with time; vigilantes - Court Bailiff, slap their hands.

Loneranger said...

When the injustice and political systems kick in to hound and harass ex sex offenders and paint a landscape that says it's constitutional as it is civil why wouldn't people take it to the next step to justify actions against them as well. The politicians have for the last twenty years given every reason they can to publicly humiliate and tract and harass ex offenders and then publicize their acts against ex sex offenders as often as they can. This continuous barrage of misinformation on recidivism to justify their actions only fuels the emotions of the populous. You tell a lie often enough and it becomes truth. You make people feel helpless and afraid and they react. there are people that are just looking for a reason to harm someone and the registry makes it easy to find their next victim. Why not? they put the names of these people on line. Easy to obtain and who cares about them as they surely must not have rights as look what the justice system does to them. So when the system doesn't stand up for the rights of sex offenders, Finds loopholes in the language of laws to create every kind of hateful ordinance and state and federal law they can think of to continuously punish and hound and harass ex offenders. Why wouldn't it lead to people taking their own actions against them? Well we can say it's against the law all we want but when the example has been set by the very system that say you shouldn't do that to them makes it hard for some to understand what the difference is. they feel they are not doing anything different than anyone else does to them. Right? The politicians have created this by the very fact they say sex offenders have no rights as well as creating laws that demonstrate this. When in fact this is another lie that they are never called on. So if the politicians say it's ok to do as you please when it comes to sex offenders as we are only protecting the populace. Why wouldn't it lead to citizens on patrol and the covert as well as overt acts against ex offenders. It must be ok as this is what everyone does to them from the top on down. Maybe it's time we look at the entire picture here. Take a look at the landscape that has been painted by politicians with one fear evoking lie after another. Then we can see why people think the way they do and act on what has been drilled into their brains for so many years. Well the truth has a way of coming out. Will politicians come up with yet another lie to cover up the last fifty? One has to think when it comes back to them as a liability then maybe they will take responsibility and be held accountable for violating the rights of people that have paid their debt. Intentionally placing them in harms way as they really can't say they were unaware that they have created this as really these are unintended consequences. After a point what is seen as unintended is known to be a guaranteed outcome then they no longer can use this argument. If they know this is punitive and they intend for the populous to treat ex offenders like this then stand up and say so. Well they can't as they hide behind the protection the law allows them. If they were shown to be wrong and were violating people's rights as they are there would be a backlash that they the politicians might not be able to handle. So what will they do? Take responsibility for their actions? I hardly think so because it takes someone with integrative to stand up and say they were wrong and take steps to correct what they have done. We don't see much of this when it comes to politicians that sell their programs based on lies and instilling fear. Creating as many unintended consequences as they can fully knowing what the outcome will be. The people that think street justice is ok have been brainwashed and even encouraged by politicians. isn't this just another unintended consequence that they could have seen coming? To hold vigilantes accountable is necessary and we should start from the top down.