Tuesday, September 24, 2013

NJ - New Jersey's SOMU is a complete waste of resources

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By C:
I can tell you from first-hand experience that New Jersey's SOMU is a complete waste of resources. The SOMU officers care about satisfying their own sadistic pleasures through insane abuses and not about anyone's best interests. As if New Jersey's Parole system isn't already overworked, they actively peruse long-settled court cases for out-of-state offenders (whose sentences include the court's permission to return to their home state after their sentence is served), bring them back to New Jersey and tell them they have to remain in NJ for the rest of their lives unless "another state is willing to accept them under the ICAOS" and dump them in homeless shelters that are already struggling to house New Jersey's native homeless. This is in stark disregard for case law that already exists on this matter. (SANCHEZ v. N.J. STATE PAROLE BD.)

Furthermore, the shelter in Passaic County is directly across the street from a playground.

I have 5 years worth of experience to tell you. Things that would make Hitler throw up. Email me if you want the lowdown on New Jersey. But I'm writing to tell you that I personally know of an offender who, WHILE ON GPS MONITORING, committed another sex offense and nobody knew about it until the girl reported it a year later. NJSPB EMU officers are required to review each offender's GPS map daily (it's written in the N.J.A.C.). I will get this offender's permission to share his story with you.

Please consider me a contact for any information you need on New Jersey's parole system.

Oh, and off-topic, here's a story where one of my former officers was arrested (there's plenty of others too). (PAROLE OFFICER ARRESTED IN CORRUPTION SCHEME - PDF)

This is one of the most corrupt law enforcment agencies in the nation.

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