Monday, September 9, 2013

MO - 72 people removed from Missouri sex offender registry

Juvenile Sex Offenders
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JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri State Highway Patrol says 72 people have successfully petitioned to be removed from the state's sex offender registry under the provisions of a 2009 law.

The law lets people who were 19 or younger at the time of their offenses ask to be taken off the registry if their victims were at least 13 years old and the sexual offense did not involve force. Decisions on whether to remove people from the list are made by judges.

On Wednesday, lawmakers will consider whether to override Gov. Jay Nixon's veto of a bill that would remove hundreds of additional people from the state's online sex offender list. That bill (HB-301) would automatically remove juvenile offenders from the website and allow them to eventually seek removal from law enforcement lists.

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bkzalley said...

That is some good news! Now if we can find a way here in WA state to do the same. I feel like a lone voice here, so I can only continue to write letters and hopefully someone will join me someday.