Monday, September 16, 2013

MD - Police investigating woman (Sara Stallons) who made false rape claim in Whiteford

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WHITEFORD - Police in Harford County are investigating a case in which a 40-year-old woman filed an apparent false rape report on Wednesday.

At about 2:30 a.m. ET, officers responded to the 1600 block of Main Street in Whiteford for a report of an armed burglary and sexual assault.

At the scene, Sara Stallons told deputies that the suspect had broken into her home and assaulted her. She provided a description of the alleged attacker and told police he punched her, cut her with a knife and then attempted to sexually assault her.

Deputies searched the area and posted a lookout with Pennsylvania State Police, however they were not able to locate a suspect. The victim had minor injuries and was transported to Harford Memorial Hospital for treatment.

As detectives investigated further, the facts provided by Stallons could not be verified.

Authorities then learned that she was wanted on an outstanding warrant by Pennsylvania State Police in Lancaster County for theft and that she had multiple aliases and dates of birth. She has since been identified as Sara Marie Stallons, 44, of Whiteford.

She was taken into custody on the arrest warrant. Through further investigation, detectives determined Stallons reporting of the attempted rape was false. After reviewing the case further, it was decided that she would not be charged with making the false report.

She is, however, being held at the Harford County Detention Center awaiting extradition to Pennsylvania.

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