Friday, September 6, 2013

GA - NACDL - 2013 Fall Meeting & Seminar - Defending the Unthinkable: Zealous Advocacy in Sexual Assault & Child Victims Cases

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Savannah, GA / October 16-19, 2013

Our hotel room block is filling up quickly. Reserve your room today! Discount rate ends September 25th!

Now, more than ever, the defense needs to be on top of the newest techniques, strategies, science, and psychology available to boldly and successfully counter the prosecution's case. In order to effectively serve your clients charged with sex offenses, you have to be prepared to aggressively confront the prosecution and their witnesses.

This unique seminar will equip you with the knowledge base, strategies, and methods to win even the most difficult of cases. We will address modern charges of sexual misconduct in cases involving child pornography, female sex offenders, cell phone data, false confessions, and much more, while also analyzing child development, adolescent sexuality and communication, and providing you with strategies for confronting "other acts" evidence.

Join your NACDL colleagues in historic and beautiful Savannah-a southern gem bursting with charm-where dramatic old-world architecture mingles with trendy restaurants and art galleries, and prepare yourself for being the best possible advocate for your client at trial.


Mark said...

“I don’t think those school children (he was accused of molesting) would’ve been happy” if he was allowed to break the rules and go on the trip." I was unaware that man needed approval, or the "children's happiness before he could take his wife on their 25th wedding anniversary. Keep your eye on this case because as I suspect, the state will attempt to kill this guy with years in prison or at the very least, give him life-time parole. If this happens, "NOW WE GOT HIM DON'T WE.

Loneranger said...

I agree. the fact is no one is responsible for someone else's happiness. they always use the victims won't be happy if. Frankly one would think they have their own lives and don't spend them wondering if their offender is doing something or not. To assume this to be true is a bit far fetched in my opinion. How would they know if he had a life now or enjoyed doing things and going places with his wife? Are they stocking him? Probably not and no part of his life is really their business. After they receive their pound of flesh they need to be happy with that and go on. Not come back time after time saying the first bite was good but now I'm addicted and need another.

davidkennerly said...

How many here realize that INTERPOL announced late last winter that information from member countries would be shared with all other member countries to instantly notify customs/immigration authorities when a sex offender shows up at the airport of the destination country? This was said to be online this past spring. Does anyone know of anyone being turned away since implementation?