Thursday, September 5, 2013

FL - Lawmakers consider tougher sex offender laws (Video)

When will "tough" be "tough" enough?
What do you folks want? Even if you had 10 millions laws on the books, or killed anybody convicted of a sexual crime, you'd still see an Amber alert about another child being kidnapped or murdered. Nothing will prevent all sex crimes.

Stop the insanity!

Punish the person who committed the crime, not all who wear the "sex offender" Scarlet Letter!

Cases like this are rare, not the norm, but they make headlines and get pounded into our heads by the media based on fear and false statistics.

We don't punish all murderers for the deeds of one serial killer, or all gang members due to the deeds of another, so why are we doing that against ex-sex offenders? They are not all "monsters" the media continually portrays them all as!

So much for "equal justice for all," and everyone being treated equally and fairly. The "Justice" system has now become the "Injustice" system!

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Mark said...

Here we go yet again. The people get whipped into frenzies, then they pray to the state for answers, and what do you get? "HARSHER," TOUGHEN," "STIFFER," "STRICTER," laws and for what? Has any penal, civil or any law ever, ever stopped human behavior? And the "sweeping" laws that net everyone is a very old tactic used by thew states to mete out the most draconian laws ever. And again, for what? Laws do not work at all until a person is caught or captured, then the laws work only to punish well after the fact. Laws sending strong messages and court sentences are futile. How does anyone expect the state governments to alter behavior before it blossoms into crime??? It ain't gonna happen folks and because of that you get "HARSHER," "TOUGHEN," "STIFFER," Ad nauseam.