Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Clearing Your Name

The following was sent to us via the contact form and posted with the users permission.

From the email address, this lady apparently works for Steve Wilkos (or claims to), and I am sure everybody knows who he is or how he treats ex-sex offenders, but we are posting this anyway.

By Nicole:
In my experience people who have to register as a sex offender, or people who have been charged with a sexual crime are consistently judged and assumed guilty.

I work for a confrontational talk show, and my goal is to clear these individual's names entirely. Stop the hate. Stop the bullying. Stop affecting my job/family/state of mind.

I am reaching out to your website because you have a lot of followers who are repeatedly being tagged as a sex offender, even if they were found innocent.

If this sounds like something one of your followers could be interested in please forward along my email address.

Thank you!



Lois2010 said...

This man evidently believes that lie detector tests actually reveal the truth. If that were the case, they would be admissible in court, but they are not. Much depends on the answer the tester wants to get.

Nicole said...

Just so you know, lie detector tests are admissible in court - in every federal court, 20 states, and admissible in every single pretrial motion, which means it can determine if a trial is even necessary.

Also, if you have any questions you can reach me directly at 888.264.5375.

I know that everyone is looking at this post in a very negative way, but if I can even help one person clear their name, then this post was worth it to me.

I hope I can help.

Me said...

Good luck Nicole