Tuesday, September 24, 2013

CANADA - What if pedophilia is a genetic disorder?

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New research has shown that pedophilia is not stemmed directly from childhood sexual abuse. Some of the new information on the disorder comes from the Center for Mental Health and Addiction in Toronto, where studies have been conducted on convicted sex offenders.
- Just because someone has the label "sex offender" doesn't mean they are a pedophile!

Increasingly, pedophilia is seen as an intrinsic disorder rather than a trait developed after suffering child sexual abuse. Genetic predisposition may delineate potential pedophiles: 30 percent are left-handed or ambidextrous, and many are about an inch shorter than average, with a 10 point below-average IQ. The disorder has been found and researched almost exclusively in men.

While many perpetrators of child sexual abuse are motivated by violent tendencies, and usually choose relatives as their victims, pedophiles are more likely to see children as romantic partners. Their sexual preference may be as biologically innate as any other, and although many pedophiles struggle with their desires, many are able to control their sexual urges.

Most psychiatrists have stopped trying to change pedophile’s sexual orientations, instead opting to help their patients find the best ways to control their sexual desire, sometimes through therapy and sometimes with hormone treatment. Is there a good way to create a support system for pedophiles that keeps children safe? How will new information about this disorder change the way medical professionals approach pedophilia?

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Fred Berlin, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Director, Sexual Behavior Consultation Unit, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Dr. Hy Malinek, Ph.D., Clinical and Forensic Psychologist in private practice in Beverly Hills; certified by the California Superior Court as a professional testimony expert; he also consults with U.S. Attorney’s Office in cases of sexual molestation and risk assessment and California’s Department of Mental Health in civil commitment of high risk sex offenders


Michael said...

This is what I posted on the website:

The correlation between pedophilia and certain other traits
(left-handedness, shortness, lower IQ) can also be explained as follows:
children who have traits that make them "different" from other kids
tend to experience difficulty forming relationships and feeling socially
accepted; partly due to the teasing they experience from other
children, and partly from their own perception that they don't belong.
As such children enter adolescence they have difficulty relating to
peers that they might otherwise wish to start dating and eventually get
involved with sexually. Yet they have a powerful urge for sexual
contact at that age. If circumstances are such that these adolescents
can become sexually involved with much younger children (to whom they
can more easily relate), they are more likely to head in that direction,
and consequently the seeds of pedophilia are sown, fertilized, and
begin to grow as the boy becomes a man. I know this is correct because
this is my story.

babybb said...

thanks for sharing your comment Michael