Wednesday, September 11, 2013

CA - Sex Offender Registration - PC 290

Wallin & Klarich
Wallin & Klarich
NOTE: This is not an endorsement. We do not know anything about this law firm except from the comments below.

Video Description:
Partner Stephen Klarich reviews the possible ways to end forced sex offender registration in California and how our attorneys can help.

Our comments on the video:
So how many ex-offenders have been removed? What about fighting to delete the draconian and unconstitutional laws?

Their response:
We have removed over 50 people from the sex registration list. We have accomplished this either through a Certificate of Rehabilitation, a Hofsheier Writ of Mandate or attacking the conviction itself as invalid.

The laws may soon be changing! Assembly Bill 702 (AB 702) will likely pass and become law by the end of 2014 putting limits on registration requirements on most sex crimes.

1 comment :

NJ45143112 said...

Sounds a lot like these guys are working the state angel but have no idea what to do with the federal system...
By the way, is AB702 the same bill that got shot down last year even though it had sufficient votes to pass?
What makes these guys believe it's still in the running and going to pass?