Tuesday, September 10, 2013

CA - Patient Killed June 24--By Coalinga State Hospital Officer?

Bloody murder?
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This special episode covers the life & untimely death of Coalinga State Hospital resident Isidro "Cedro" Zavala Torres. This man, known by CSH residents as Cedro Zavala, was classified as an MDO or Mentally Disordered Offender. This means, in addition to a crime for which he likely served a prison term, Zavala was diagnosed w/ a serious mental illness.

According to witnesses, Cedro Zavala was violently attacked by approximately 10 CSH staff/Department of Police Services (DPS) Officers at the facility between 12-1pm on June 24, 2013. The incident began when Zavala, who is wheelchair-dependent, refused to go to a medical appointment. Then, the staff/DPS swarmed.

Zavala resisted the take down--efforts to forcibly remove him from his wheelchair & throw him to the ground. Apparently, Zavala tried to stop the overzealous/unneccesary attack by spitting at them. While his actions cannot be condoned, this must've been a scary situation for a newer CSH resident w/ serious physical & emotional concerns. His efforts backfired--the situation escalated.

Once on the ground, the most aggressive officer allegedly stood on the man's neck w/ his heavy steel-toed boot. Witnesses theorize Zavala's larynx was crushed by the blow. As he gasped for air, officers flung him back in his chair, threw a towel over his face & rushed him away. Isidro Zavala Torres, 30, was died a short time later.

Shockingly, the officer suspected of causing Zavala's death wasn't suspended. Later that day, he told concerned residents Zavala had died of a drug overdose. Worse yet, mainstream media have not addressed this serious incident to date.

Listen to this important show & tune in Monday for more on abuses at CSH which were swept under the rug - until now.

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