Wednesday, September 25, 2013

CA - Patient Abuse By Coalinga State Hospital Employees

Coalinga State Hospital News
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This vitally important show is a continuation of last night's SPECIAL REPORT on the life & untimely death of Coalinga State Hospital (CSH) resident Isidro "Cedro" Zavala Torres--simply Cedro Zavala to fellow CSH residents.

According to witnesses, Cedro Zavala--who was a wheelchair-dependant Mentally Disordered Offender--was violently attacked by approximately 10 CSH Staff/Department of Police Services (DPS) Officers on June 24. The incident began when Zavala refused to go to a medical appointment. Then, after he was forcibly removed him from his wheelchair & thrown to the ground, an aggressive officer allegedly stood on Zavala's neck w/ his heavy steel-toed boot.

Witnesses theorize Zavala's larynx was crushed by this blow. As he gasped for air, officers launched him back into his chair, threw a towel over his face & rushed him away. Isidro Zavala Torres, 30, died a short time later.

Sadly, this is one very serious incident in a long history of violence/intimidation against patients. CSH News has heard too many horror stories--the nightmare must end. No more statements from CSH Director Audry King saying this/that is a "serious issue," then doing nothing about it. CSH must pay for their crimes against the elderly & infirmed. It's time California's "Money Pit" stopped wasting billions in taxpayer money locking up men who've finished their prison terms. It's time everyone involved stood before CA taxpayers--and a jury of their peers--to be held accountable for what they've done.

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