Friday, September 27, 2013

CA - DS v. Superior Court of San Bernardino County

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Mother has given birth to a total of eight children. Three—A.H., A.W., and S.A.—have been "adopted out" after reunification failed. Two others live with relatives, one being Mother's sister, who Mother describes as a methamphetamine smoker who will "never stop." The other child lives with the paternal grandmother. The current proceedings involve Mother's three youngest children, D.S., R.H., and F.H. (The minors.)[2] The minors came to the attention of the Children and Family Services department (CFS) after both Mother and D.S. tested positive for methamphetamine after his birth. Mother planned to live with her sister after the birth; after D.S. was detained, F.H. was located with Mother in a motel with her sister and a registered male sex offender. The jurisdictional/dispositional report recommended that Mother not be provided with reunification services. Mother had admitted to the social worker that she had a long-standing addiction to methamphetamine and that she had used methamphetamine the day of D.H.'s birth. Although Mother had been ordered to submit to drug testing at the detention hearing on May 29, 2013, she had not done so, claiming a "misunderstanding." She also told the social worker that, had she tested at that time, she would "only" have tested positive for marijuana. Mother admitted that she had used methamphetamine only a few days before speaking with the social worker, attributing it to "lack of familial support and the stress of having the children . . . removed . . . ."

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