Friday, September 13, 2013

CA - Bill boosts penalty for sex offenders who cut GPS

GPS ankle monitor
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SACRAMENTO - Sex-offender parolees who remove or disable their satellite-linked tracking devices would face an increased penalty under legislation sent to Gov. Jerry Brown.

A law passed two years ago to ease prison overcrowding sends parole violators to county jails instead of state prison. But many serve little or no time because jails have become overcrowded.

SB57 (PDF) by Democratic Sen. Ted Lieu of Torrance requires that the state parole board order offenders who remove their GPS-linked ankle bracelets to serve six months in jail. It was narrowed from the original version, which would have sent offenders back to state prison.

The measure received final approval from the state Senate Wednesday with a 39-0 vote.


dlc said...

This is another unneeded "feel good" law. If the parolee is bound and determined to remove the GPS they will do so. No amount of law is going to stop them. Most have done years, do they think that 6 months in county jail is going to "scare" them? No one can force a person to change. They first need to realize that they would be better if they changed. Those of us that have made the right decision have fought our way up from the depths of hell. Some never will.

Loneranger said...

Hey winter is coming and it's going to be cold and wet. What better way to get housed and feed. Stay warm and dry. really what more can they do to a person anyway. For some this might just be away to get in out of the cold. If you think they can find housing and jobs think again. If you think knowing where they are every minute of the day makes the world a better place and safer it doesn't. If they want to commit a sex crime i'm sure the tracking device isn't going to get in the way. At some point all the good intentioned laws and money paid out will be seen as such a waste of time. When people finally can not pay for all the housing and tracking and registering and the list goes on. Really it does no good at all. It costs the taxpayers billions and we get back a warm fuzzy feeling. Even that has gotten to the place where it really isn't that warm and fuzzy anymore. So now they want to make it six months in county. Well I bet this winter their jails will be over booked. Just cut the thing off and wait for your ride to a better place.