Thursday, September 26, 2013

ATTENTION: When you go to re-register, make sure you check the online registry for accuracy!

A personal friend of ours, and other people who view this blog have told us from time to time that when they check the registry to view what the state / local police have about them on the online registry, people have noticed new words, terms, etc added to their profile.

This could be an honest mistake, or done on purpose, but any time you go to re-register, ALWAYS check the accuracy of the registry information in a day or so after you register, and if there is anything new added to your original crime, contact the local police to tell them about it.

One person who contacted us before who was originally charged with "child molestation" went to re-register and a couple days later checked the registry. They had inserted "AGGRAVATED" in front of their original crime, which was false and made it look more serious that it actually was. So they contacted the local police and they fixed it.

Again, we have no idea why this happens, but humans do make mistakes.

NOTE: In some states it is illegal for a registrant to view the registry, for reasons unknown, so make sure it's legal to access the registry before you do so. We believe California is the only state that has this rule, but we could be wrong.


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