Friday, August 30, 2013

Zimbabwe: False Rape Report Lands Married Woman (Erena Kachara) in Trouble

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A Magunje woman landed herself in trouble for making a false rape report against her lover in an attempt to save her marriage.

She was fined US$200. Erena Kachara has up to September 30 to pay the fine or go to jail for a month.

Kachara was convicted on her own plea of guilty when she was arraigned before Karoi magistrate Mr Robson Finsin last week.

Sometime last year, Kachara had a love affair with Chenjerai Choto also of Chikwata Village, under Chief Dendera. She was caught red-handed being intimate with Choto in her matrimonial bedroom.

When Choto's wife - who had waylaid the two - took the matter to Kachara's husband who was at a beer drink, Kachara suddenly made a U-turn and started accusing Choto of raping her.

In trying to convince her husband that she had been raped, Kachara that same night implored her husband to accompany her to Magunje Police Station where she misrepresented that Choto had raped her.

Mr Benjamin Negato prosecuted.

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Daver said...

$200 are you kidding Me!